About Liz

i love people.  REALLY love people.  EVERYONE has a story.  E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.  and i LOVE listening & learning & am constantly amazed by the parallel lives we're all living in this small world, yet how different we can all be.  

i'm not a philosopher or a psychologist, but i'm so interested & want to HEAR about your life, YOUR story, & most importantly, PHOTOGRAPH it.  document it.  because it's your LIFE & so many beautiful things are happening in it that are worth capturing.  welcoming your new baby into your world, seeing your 3-year-old try to put on socks 'all by herself,' seeing daddy play 'this little piggy' with your son's toes, or capturing the PURE joy in your fiance's smile, when he sees you walk down the aisle.  just to name a few.

leave the perfectly planned outfits at home or at least don't stress about them.  i'd much rather see your kids' un-brushed hair, the sticky hands & faces & if your daughter wants to wear shorts under her tutu & mismatched socks, let her.  that's the real stuff.  the good stuff.  that's what i want to capture for you.  your life, as is.

there are so many moments i've been blessed to witness & photograph, that have been truly remarkable & inspiring.  i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job & can't WAIT to meet your life.  just bring to me, yourself, your love for your family, your life & keep it real.