Monday, July 15, 2013

Long since home from our annual school's-out-let's-get-out-of-dodge road trip,
(this year, Chicago.  Refer to last post.)
and now finally settling in to some sort of routine, 
a routine of. . .not really having one.
It's a little disconcerting to not really have a plan. . .
And kind of awesome.
We piece together our weekdays with impromptu-day-long play dates, afternoons relaxing and watching movies,
or swimming our cares away at our neighbor's friends pool.

Endless hours of Slip n' Slides and Bomb Pops.

Matinee show times on the REAL sweaty days. . .
Doing whatever shows up first.
And against every fiber of my being,
we cancelled our cable.
I love my cable.
Like everyone else, realizing we're TOO "connected."
iphones, ipads, ipods, computer. . .
Something had to go.
With quality television no longer an option
(Real Housewives. . .great quality,)
I have to say, it's been lovely.
I feel like I've begun a slow but life-changing detox.
I'm going to bed earlier,
reading more books, falling asleep at normal hours.
Actually being P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E.
The kids have been forced to get creative.
Actually PLAY with each other.
They have garage sales.
Sad ones, albeit.
But they're actually THINKING. 
A passing-by city worker decided he needed a St. Patty's Day hat and half full bottle of bubbles.  
Without Cable, we're forced to stretch our imaginations.
Living room bowling, old dominoes our pins, a roll of tape, our bowling ball.
Hula Hoops with a wire hanger.  That lasted .2 seconds.
I'm not going to lie.
Boredom resorts to whining and wrestling most days.
But I'm impressed by what they can come up with when I shoe them away,
so I can fold laundry and vacuum rugs in peace.
They surprisingly, figure something out.
And not from my inspiring ideas or suggestions, but their OWN little brains.  Always hard at work.
AND, they do it together.
With more "quiet" time or at least time disconnected from digital solutions,
the most profound conversations arise.
"Why do tornadoes happen?  Why do people have to be buried?  Can you talk without teeth?  Where's my funny bone?  Is it always laughing?"
An always ENDLESS slew of questions fired at me every second of every day.
It starts to become irritating by 2pm.
But then I get the juicy ones that remind me to set my petty annoyance aside and be present for these ever-inquiring minds.
Jack asked me about Zach Sobiech after listening to his song "Clouds" on his ipod.
"So. . .Zach found out he had cancer a few years ago, 
but lived a few more years after that?"
"Yes, that's right."
"Well, that's kinda' good, right?  He still got to have a few more birthdays before he died?"
Tears, behind a biting tongue, so as not to show the overwhelming joy and heartache from such a statement from my 8-year-old, 
trying to find the good in a heartbreaking situation.
There are so many other daily reminders from the most present beings in my life.
And I try to remain awake for it.
Continuing to soak up and cherish all this little river town 
and the world around it,
has to offer.


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