Thursday, June 27, 2013

Livin' the Dream,
Minnesota mid-summer like.
A new tradition in our midst,
of taking a family trip to kick-off summer.
Jumping in the car the day after the kids have tossed their backpacks down the basement stairs,
shoved their uniforms in a pile under their beds.
This year, we went to the Windy City.
I lived in the Western suburbs of Chicago a handful of years,
my impressionable years. 
I loved it then and cherish the connections I still have there.
But I feel more connected to the city now as a grown woman, 
the sights, sounds, people, leaving an even deeper impression.
I do tend to fall in love everywhere I go.
So, that doesn't help.  
Give me a day or two and I'll easily become a chameleon to my surroundings.  
Adapting to the three short feet between buildings, the endless traffic and constant noise. . .
I love it.
Could see our family there.
For now, we were tourists.
A short road trip from Minney,
we settled into our new digs.
Did I mention we don't mess around?
We don't travel much.  When we do?  We go all out.
VRBO is my new favorite travel website.
Can find condo's and cabins cheaper (okay, maybe not,) than hotels. 
That's what we tell ourselves, anyway.
We like to have our own space.
When we weren't here (above,)
we were here. . .
We met up with friends family.
We met up with family, also friends.
We shopped, but not on Michigan.  
In my sister's shop.  You should stop by.}
Drank beer and celebrated our favorite Uncle Rusty.
Whacked pinata's like gangsta's.
Took breaks.
Held babies.
Soaked the life out of this amazing city.
Sweet home, Chicago.


Suzie said...

Gorgeous photos! I forget how great this city is...

Unknown said...

awesome photos liz... what a great idea to start your summer with a family trip!

Liz said...

It is really awesome, Suz. You need to get out more and explore.

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