Livin' the Dream.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm going to do something a little different, 
maybe once a month.
Take the pressure off a little bit,
feeling like I need to always come up with some REALLY good writing that I'm proud of.
When, really, there's a lot I think is REALLY good, that I'm proud of, 
in simply living the dream.
  Instead, once a month, I'll share little clips of our life.
An hommage to the idea of journaling something you're thankful for 
  You know, to help change your mindset, bring a fresh perspective,
remind you how great your American life really is. 
Finding gratitude even when you think you can't?
You ALWAYS can.
(And partly doing this for my mom, dad, sisters and besties so they can see more pics of their grandchildren/niece/nephews/kids and all that they're doing.) 
I'm titling this, LIVIN' THE DREAM.
Sort of in a sarcastic way, but mostly, TRULY feeling that way.
I AM living a dream.
The house, the husband, the kids, the health, the greatest friends,
the business, the love.
Welcome to my first, LIVIN' THE DREAM post.
{Little writing, mostly pictures.}
We took the kids downhill skiing for the first time.  
  I can't take enough pictures of Charlie.
Partly because he's my baby, maybe our last,
partly because he's the cheese to my macaroni.
"No offense mom?"  Jack says.  
"But downhill skiing is SO much more fun than cross country." 
"Just hush, Jack."
 "Well mom?  Guess you can't bring your toilet in here," Charlie says.
Oh my God, I cried laughing.  A soft drink and burger melded together, really do look like a toilet.
 We can walk to downtown Stillwater from our house, for Friday night tacos.
The view never disappoints.
I love not caring. 
I should.  I should try a little harder. . .you know, with make-up and attire and such?
I don't. 
Trying not to photobomb this lovely couples' greasy dinner.  
I just wanted the lights, parrots and Minnesota Mexican decor.
"Ain't nobody messin' with my clique. "  -Kanye
A "mock" engagement photo sesh.
We're so far past engaged.  We just are.
The walk up filled with sugar and energy and laughter.
Until we get to The Hill.
The burrito sits heavy, lots of tears and huffing puffing
and cursing why we didn't drive down.
Mostly by mommy.
A LOT slower than the way down,
but just as sweet.

{My Livin' the Dream posts will mostly be iphone and Instagram pics.
You'll know if I've taken out the big gun.}



gabbygrace said...

I didn't even see this until the idea and all the pics, soooooo fun!!!!!!!!! And SO jealous you can walk to downtown!!!!!

B. Holmes said...

Hi Liz, I think your just beautiful "not caring" also love the red shoes. Your little guy looks just like his dad, that's a great shot of him on the shoulders. Looks like a pretty cute little Midwest town you live in... Take care, much love from Alaska

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