Winter Island.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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There are many times I question our choice, you know,
to live in Minnesota?
Why?  It's SO, F-ing, Cold.
And days when there's no question at all. 
When I don't feel the need to sell myself or anyone else on this beautiful, Northern country.
On days like this, I like to imagine our cozy, little house, an island,
a WINTER island surrounded by soft, white, sugary snow,
tree branches bent low and heavy from the weight of a late night storm.
Just me, my husband, my 3 kids, our fireplace and a stove, 
everything we need. . .
Until my left eye gets sideswiped by a stray Cheerio as I gaze dreamily out our kitchen window.
It's 8am, time to fire up the mini-van.
Our lovely "island" is being smoked out by my jerk store neighbor burning his garbage in his yard.  (Yes, he does that.)
And then trading it all in for a REAL island, far away, without snow, sounds much better.
But.  This.
Is pretty awesome.
On days like this, our less than mediocre backyard, becomes something quite. . .
Even the deck railings, rotting wood trim and dirty ivory stucco of our old home, 
look pretty against the glittering snow.
And it's against the white,
that I notice the color choices of my neighbors down the street.
Nothing says 'Welcome Home' like Mint Green.  And Mustard.  
But again, lovely against the snow.  And if you don't like it?
Black and white.
{Sometimes black and white fixes everything.}
On these magical Minnesota days, 
I love getting texts from the people that know me. . .
"Dude.  Are you out with your camera?  Thought of you this morning.  You know. . .with all this snow, and stuff."
Love it.  So nice.
On this particularly beautiful snowy day, NOTHING was going to keep me from my XC ski's, spandex tights and killer boots.  Nothing.  Someone could've been vomiting at home and I'd have found a sitter.
(Okay.  No I wouldn't have.  I can't leave my kids when they're sick.)
Thankfully, no one was.
MMMmmm. . .sexy.
THIS time, camera was comin' with. 
I'll be the first to tell you, I don't think many things through. . .a tad impulsive and always do things the hard way.  That's how I learn best. 
Skiing with a 5 lb camera strapped to your chest, is stupid.  And hard.  And the ski trails weren't groomed yet.  DUMB.  
It took me about an hour to go two miles. 
And every time I wanted to stop to get a good pic skating through the beautiful trees, I'd have to take off a glove, pull my hand out of the ski straps, move my cam from around my back, catch it=huge pain in the ass.
And while fidgeting with my nonsense,
a strong wind would blow through the alley of trees, knocking my head and sides of my face with tufts of heavy snow,
as I spit and swatted them away from my eyes.
I swear the trees were laughing at me, like the trees in the Wizard of Oz throwing apples at Dorothy as she ran down the path.  "Look at this idiot," they said.
Not to mention I'm still looking like a total douchhole when I ski.
Thankfully, on this day, no skate-skier (other than myself,) was silly enough to ski after a fresh snow, before the trail had been groomed.  
Other than this guy.
"Sweet tights!"  I yelled, once he was out of earshot.
So I trucked along. . .literally, like an awkward semi, dragging myself through inches of thick snow.
I hate this.
And this is all I got. 
That's okay though.
Nature?  Skiing?  It's a two-for-one.  It's a gym, a workout, combined with a therapist's couch.  Only you don't have to talk.  You just move.  And whine in your head.  And work your shit out until it's gone. 
So some days in winter Minnesota?
When this is your gym?
 We'll take it.


gabbygrace said...

Almost makes me wanna workout and Olin frigid temps- almost...

B. Holmes said...

Hi there, I'm a mom in Alaska and I go to the same gym... Some days a ski is the only quiet I hear with two young boys. We are ready for Spring up here! Love the blog,
found it on Melina's. Mine is
Take Care- B.

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