Monday, February 4, 2013

193 photo tags, 30 messages, 3 invites, 2 friend requests.
That's what I missed taking a break from Facebook for a month,
in my I'm-taking-a-break-from-FB-experiment.
And look.  I get it. 
I'm just as much a FB junky as the next gal.
It's a big ego boosting forum.
Where we want "privacy" yet voluntarily put our lives on display.
I do enough of that in my own life without Facebook attached to it.
I had to see how much my life would benefit from NOT partaking in daily, even hourly strolls through the lives of strangers and random high school people that I really don't know.
Let me just say?  
It was ah-mazing.
Did it change me much, as a person?
No.  Not a smidge.
I'm still not afraid at all,
to go out in public looking like a total douche wagon.
(Don't judge.)
BUT.  I read more.
Snuggled more.
Skied more.
Sat more.
Practiced more yoga.
Shoveled more. 
Slept more.  (And more PEACEFULLY I might add.)
Wonder why that is?
For me, subtracting the self-induced pressure that FB can add to our lives,
releasing myself from the digital bonds that oddly make some of us feel we HAVE to post every great meal, 
every great outfit,
every great adventure,
that we HAVE to connect with everyone and share every aspect of our great life?
Well, taking that away,
lifts a heavy,
very cumbersome annoyance.  For me anyway.
My sister and I chatted on this and both agreed, 
FB is kind of a monster.  
An awesome one, but one that makes you feel you need to share every little thing.
Taking away from REALLY enjoying the present moment.
Instead of totally immersing yourself in what you're doing, 
which you should be doing anyway,
you (I) might be worrying about getting a good pic to Instagram or post on FB.
Something I felt so inclined to do on a recent adventure (which I'll write about here, rather than share on FB:)
Every amazing and breathtaking, exhilarating moment, 
I wanted to stop and grab for my phone to snap a pic, share with the world.
But why?  Why do we need to do that?
What happened to just living and telling our friends and family about it over the phone?  Over dinner?  Over coffee?
I miss that.
So again, have I missed anything not being on FB?
Not a GD thing.
I've gained so much more.
It feels SO good to be disconnected from one less.
I love Facebook, love the exposure it brings my business, 
but the rest is just fluff.  
I'm craving more of the same above, more simplicity.
Connection, yes, but without the self-obsession.
It DOES feel great to have 27 people comment on an outfit.
It feels fab to be 'liked' for a minute, 
until the thrill and ego boost wears off, before you start to crave the next one.
I just can't do it.
It's not good for someone like me.
It's a huge distraction.
One that I don't have the will power to disengage from completely,
unless it's completely deleted from my life.
I'll keep the friends, delete the FB.
Go back to just being my self.  Sharing my work, passions, doing things that actually CONTRIBUTE in some way.
Both my sisters nipped that shit in the bud, so I'm following their lead.
Promoting my work and my art,
but not getting caught up in everyone else's. 
and living my life (er. . .through my blog.)


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