Good night. Sleep tight.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

{Scroll down.  Cue music.  Good song.}
The emotions that envelope me when I watch my kids sleep, are, well,
you know,
If you're a mother, you know.
To see their little bodies, their little faces, so peaceful. . .
I've seen some amazing places, the most picturesque of landscapes with the most stunning of views,
but NOTHING is more beautiful than this.
The nourishment that transfers from mother to child, 
child to mother, 
not at all lost in the snip of an umbilical cord,
the severing of that connection from one body to another,
it's ALWAYS there.  FOREVER connected.
It's in those peaceful, quiet, sleep-filled moments, 
that you can see love is everything.
Those still moments, where there's nothing but me.  
Leaning down to kiss his forehead, 
pull her covers up, 
sweep up his little leg that is dangling in to the dark.
I pray in this love.
Pray that he will continue to be seizure free.
(Has been 10 months.)
Give gratitude for another day.
Pray for more of the same.
These moments are sacred.
Even when they're sick.
With each little blessed breath, 
I am in awe of them.
Of mothering.  
Of this life.
And don't know how anyone could say say God doesn't exist.
God isn't real?
No matter how many days I've doubted His presence, 
questioned His whereabouts or logic,
I can always find him here.
Nestled in the resting eyes and heavy limbs of my babies,
the crinkled sheets and comforting blankets that surround them as they sleep.
WHAT a treasure.


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