Friday, August 17, 2012

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Who woulda' thought a little road trip with my college roommate so many years ago,
would've sparked a love affair I now have, 
with a small, northern Minnesota town?
{Yes people, I'm still talking about Ely.  Deal.}
Rounding the bend to see this.  Another world, 
my self-obsessed mind didn't know existed.
Ah, I'm so thankful for that trip.  AND that friendship.
Funny the places you go,
that make you come alive.
How other people can view the same landscape
and simply reply, "Eh."
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?
And our perspectives on life, vary so much from person to person.
We're all just trying to find our way and the meaning of it all.
For me, to have found a place so satisfying to be in. . .
such a blessing.
The kids, overnight,
seem to have become more independent, self-sufficient. . .
{Jack looks like he's 17.}
you know. . .feeding themselves, showering themselves, dressing themselves,
even entertaining themselves!!!
A magical moment.  And I'm not holding my breath.
But will take this magical time to sip morning tea and read a book, while they swim off the dock below me.
{Yeah.  It's that awesome.}
I've seen the calm before the storm.
So I try to stay as present as possible in each moment, 
knowing the next could be totally different.
But, for the moment, it's "easy."
And dear God, even saying that word out loud as a parent,
is practically INVITING chaos. 
So, scratch that.  They're "manageable." 
All up in each others' grill some days,
all about each other, the other days.
Of course, I'd like to think I have something to do with all of the GOOD stuff occurring right now.
Teaching them those basic skills. . .to love, be thoughtful and nurturing of the only thing they really have in life. . .their health and each other.
And of course, I find myself wanting to freeze it, this time.
THIS is the reason I am a photographer. . .fueled by this overwhelming desire and obsession with freezing time.
To stop it and savor it a little longer.
Photography can only take you so far.
A picture can capture a moment and bring you back there any time you look at it.
But how do you REALLY hold on the present?
Make it last?
I've asked myself that a lot lately.
Longing, YEARNING for those summer days WE had as children,
where we were up at sunrise, out 'til sunset.
The summer seemed to go on forever.
I've been digging for the answer.  What IS it?
What was it about those childhood days that were so magical,
so seemingly ever-lasting?
So precious?
Their first few days of life we wonder when the days will end, when they'll finally sleep, stop waking in the night, when we'll finally get our evenings back and mornings of quiet.
And now that I have that, the beauty of raising children when they're actually FUN to be around?
I find myself searching for that same abundance of youth and time and energy.
How do I make it last?
Nothing lasts forever.  We know this.
But it can be savored.
I've figured out how.
For us?  
Plan your day over breakfast and a map.
Shut off the mutha' luvin' t.v.
PLAY GAMES instead.
Relying only on lake breezes, birch trees, birds chirping and loons singing, waves lapping against rocks.
as your entertainment.
Which, for me, simply means, 
One of the things I do to stay in a moment or get out of my head.
PICK WILDFLOWERS.  Just because there's nothing else to do.
Putting your bouquet in a cheap plastic cup to make your space your home.
Nowhere to go.  No one to see.
Nothing to watch but the lake in front of you.
THAT is how I've learned to make the days last.
And of course,
I'm all about that.  As much as I love being a mom, love my children and want to soak up these beautiful summer days while THEY still love ME,
you gotta' come up for air.
My mom and aunt came up for relief.
A blessed sight for a tired mom.
Watching my aunt, a staple in my childhood,
love on MY babies now.
The two of them, holding, cuddling, tossing, swimming and playing with the kids so I could
catch my breath.
SO SO lovely and beautiful.
Watching my aunt hold my baby girl, the same way she held me.
Watching my dad tie up his kayak.
 My daughter cast her line.
Finding beauty and gratitude in the absolute SIMPLEST of things such as these.
THAT is how you make the days last and fill them with joy.


gabbygrace said...

Seriously???? Is every flipping shot you took up there, perfection?! Holy mother, it's amazing, love love love all the pics! And for real that one of the sleeping babes holding their precious hands, I CRIED, I DEMAND that be blown up as large as can be on canvas black and white and forever holding a wonderful spot in your home, its amazing!!!!!!

BEES'NETTA said...

Love these posts!! I hope there's at least one more Ely post....

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