Thursday, August 30, 2012

I know I don't often post my photography sessions in my blog,
but every once in awhile, I have one I have to talk about.
I had the pleasure of photographing this young man.
One of a few new seniors I've photographed this year.
But THIS guy, is not just anyone.
A special one, near and dear to me.
I will never forget the first time I met him.
Fairly fresh out of college, 
having given up on my dreams of running my own business, 
having done a short stint in the fitness industry,
wanting NOTHING to do with corporate America,
I turned to what I knew best,
caring for children (which, looking back, I really didn't do all that well. . .uh, about as good as I do now:)
But I needed a job, had rent to pay, bar tabs to support, 
a wedding to plan for.
I answered a 'want-ad,' soon after,
walking in to a new world of sweetness,
in the form of this sweet, little 6-year-old boy, 
just a titch younger than my oldest son now.
He was sitting on a stool at his kitchen counter.
Thick locks, big round and happy, blues eyes, little 6-year-old legs and feet just dangling and swinging high above the floor.
BURSTING with energy beneath his little buttoned-up Hawaiian shirt.
A smile from ear to ear, a look that I would learn, 
to be a constant on this sweet face.
I fell in love.
The sweetest, most adorable, most intelligent and energetic little thing you could ever meet.
I don't think I was the most 'idealic' nanny.
I was lazy.  Let him watch more t.v. than he was allowed.
Took him out to eat. . .a lot.
But spent so many of my days with him.  
'Working,' yes.
Caring for. 
Tending to.
In a way, preparing myself for my OWN years of parenting soon to follow.
I remember occasional nights at their house while his mom traveled, 
lying awake in the spare bedroom, listening to every odd sound,
every creak of old home floorboards, cats in the alley,
for any peeps from his room. . .
Thinking about, preparing for, on watch to guard and protect this little guy I had grown so fond of,
(I think I kept some sort of object for fighting off burglars, 
under my pillow.)
He was so special.  An unbelievably unique little boy,
who had lost his dad WAY too young, to cancer.
So although I may not have been the Mary Poppins,
I was invested.  
And would be DAMNED if anything happened to Dylan on my watch and worked wholeheartedly to keep him safe.
So seeing him now, six short years later,
(last saw him when he was 11,)
and able to photograph him as a MAN? 
College tours and applications, driving, leaving the nest,
every mother's moments of 'letting go' coming to a head. . .
I was just dumbfounded.
Not just by this little boy, having, it seems,
so quickly morphed in to a man,
but again, the passage of time.
Stunned and forever humbled by it.
My husband's words always ringing in my ears. . .
"Our time here goes so fast."
How quickly it does. . .too quickly some days.
How this little boy, is, well, 
no longer little.
But a man.
Not so small anymore.
Far from the days when all I could see was the top of his head,
bouncing up in down in the back of my car, on the way home from school,
now driving his OWN car.
Not into Lego's, toy cars, boardgames and puzzles,
but 'sick' clothes, killer shoes, long-boarding, traveling and 
All I could picture were my own children.
Growing so quickly, right under our noses.
Just like little Dylan.
I can hardly stand it, some days.
How fast time flies.
How tightly I want to hold on.
Despite how hard life, the Universe, tugs us all forwards.
Leaving us only to surrender to it,
let go to it,
and sigh.  Thankful for memory.
For experiences.
Most importantly, for pictures. 



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