Summer Randomness Part II

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sarcasm is a dear, dear friend of mine.
One of my besties, actually.
And I thank my mom for that.
My sisters and I have all inherited this beautiful trait,
this combo of wit (sometimes inappropriately timed,)
but an uncanny ability to make light of situations through jokes and laughter.
And I am proud to say, I have passed it down to Gracie already.
Not Spanish, French, but Sarcasm, my young childrens' second language.
Sarcasm makes me so happy and I'm so proud to have it nestled comfortably at the root of my being,
able to draw from it daily in all my human interactions.
And when I come across that special friend who appreciates it too?
AND gets it?
It's like a magical gift from the heavens.
It makes me positively giddy inside and want to hug them and say, 
"Oh!!!  You're funny too!!!  You understand my humor!"
My girlfriends are some of the most sarcastic people you'll ever meet.
And the people who don't understand sarcasm?
Have NO sense of humor whatsoever, are walking around saying,
"Now that's not nice.  Don't say that."
Or staying blankly at an off-the-cuff comment?
Well, they baffle me.
I have made it a point, in my mid-30's, 
to surround myself with people who will tell me when I have sh** in my teeth.
Or a ginormous whitehead on my chin that somehow went overlooked during my morning routine.  
Which, let's be honest, consists of going pee and putting sweatpants on.  MAYBE, just MAYBE, brushing my hair.
OR people that DON'T tell you because they want to get a laugh at your expense.
I love the grown adults that behave like children (sometimes,)
and have fun and don't take themselves too seriously.
It makes them and life so much sweeter, 
so much more enjoyable,
SO much more fun.
MMMmmmm. . .what else do I love this summer?
Our garage fridge.
{Don't ask about the Redi-Whip.} 
I love random get-togethers at the beach with neighbor friends.
How the big kids aren't 'too cool' yet to play and entertain the little ones.
Allowing tired mama's a chance to relax and chit chat, filled with lots of sarcasm, of course.
I love the many faces of Charles, this summer.
{The name 'Tuna' is losing steam.}
Charlie the ham.
Chuck, the frat boy.
{Even HE understands sarcasm.}
Who, surprisingly, is the most creative of all of my children.
{Charles, the lover and superhero.}
Who I often stumble upon talking to himself, creating characters with his superheros or cars, 
making up stories and plots,
dressing up and pretending he's fighting bad guys.  
The other two, I'm sad to say, NEVER have really done that.
It makes me so happy that HE does.
I love latte's.
A quiet early morning out for breakfast with my babies.
Savoring the sweetest (and biggest) cinnamon rolls.
ALL the time in the world.  To sip, sit and enjoy.
I love bearded husband's,
neighborhood parties and strip-n-go-naked's.
Impromptu BBQ's on hot summer nights.
Where we can sit from the comfort of our collapsible lawn chairs and our driveway,
and watch kids run free.
I love watching Grace color.
Not just, "Oh, that's nice honey."  As I grab yet ANOTHER hand-drawn picture Grace has colored for me with love, as I whiz by grabbing dirty clothes off the floor, on to the next project.
But really SITTING and watching her color.
Her favorite thing to do.
I've spent some time wondering why she doesn't do 'typical' girl things.
Barbies, doll houses, dress-up, horses, tea parties, ribbons and bows. . .
Wondering when we missed the boat.
Why she has neglected to do ANY of the things I did growing up.
I have found it a little unnerving and frustrating.
Until I propped her up on the counter yesterday to Hello Kitty bandage ANOTHER wound on her tan little legs, 
lost in the scars and scabs of a tough little girl 
who wrestles, rides bikes and practices cartwheels all day.
That is why.
She's a girl between two boys.
She likes to run in the rain.  Has no problem getting dirty.
Loves to ride her bike as fast as she can and slam on the breaks.
She is a free spirit.
Who's comeback when I question why she doesn't want to do something or try something new, is. . .
"Mom?  I'm in charge of MY self."
I love MUCH needed rainy afternoons,
a small respite from the heavy heat and humidity,
found in a downpour.
Even better with friends to share it with.
Swimming in sidewalk streams.
No idea.
But it's summer.  We just go with it.
 I love bathing babes after a long day of playing.
Fresh little butt cheeks scooped from the tub,
into clean towels and cozy pj's.
Most of all, bed time.
As we are settled in to summer,
exhausted, spent, overheated and overtired, 
the most welcomed and anticipated time of day.
 I love it.


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