Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've missed the boat on some big things recently.
Are you kidding me?
Thank you for totally sabotaging mission muffin-top (again.)
I have found myself shoveling WELL beyond serving size's out,
as I admire the abs of our Olympians.
"Man!  Look at those abs!  How did they get those?"
I ask, between spoonfuls of this heavenly goodness.
And the second?
Welcome to my first official 'Instagram' post.
Where?  In the hell?  Have I been?
NOT turning blase pictures of my kids in to magic,
that's for sure!
But I have also missed the boat on more important things.
Or, at least, have lost sight of something I should hold on to daily.
Like using gratitude to overcome the fear of the unknown,
the knowledge that, no matter HOW dire a situation,
blessings are always there.
Realizing the fear that is inherent when you become a parent,
if you stop to think about it,
is overwhelming.
But that the more we can surrender to the truth that we have little control over much in our life,
including the futures of our children,
and be IN the moment,
we will gain so much more.
To do our best to find faith, hope, salvage what there is of it.
Continue to set goals, strive, believe, want, wish. . .
trust we will get to many of those places untouched and unscathed.
As seamlessly as the dreams themselves.
Landing beautifully in the destination we initially set out for.
But I'm aware of, humbled, even appreciative of the flight plans that take a different course.
To either avoid an impending storm,
or to simply take us to a completely different place 
we didn't know we needed to see or be in.
And how much more beautiful it is.
So I've jumped on a few bandwagons I didn't know I needed to be on.
And that's such a good thing.
But it IS still summer.
That almost 'painful' part of summer where activities are winding down,
tempers are running high,
the sun, humidity and heat is, dare I say, getting old?
But we don't WANT to say or admit to that, us Minnesotans,
because we only get this weather a few months out of the year.
So we try not to complain, TRY to soak it up and cherish every last mosquito bite, lollygagging walk to the neighbors' pool,
wipe our sweaty brow and cover our expanding i-ate-way-too-much-icecream-and-nutella-this-summer-waistline with whatever 'decent' suit I can find that will cover it, 
because we know,
nothing lasts forever.
We'll be sliding down icy roads and trudging kids through mountains of snow, bundling up for below-freezing temps tomorrow.
So although we've hit the point of no return in summer, we rally.
Ignore boatloads of laundry to go watch the kids take their 157th run down the slip n' slide.
Learn to float on their back.
And okay, have weak moments,
where MAYBE we lock the kids out of the house so we can talk on the phone to a friend.
MAYBE bribe them with. . .whatever they want.
If they'll just sit.  Or just be quiet.  Or just stop fighting,
for FIVE minutes.
Conspire last minute trips up north, 
to get out of town 'one last time' before
we start to take stock of school clothes,
fill our Target carts to the rim with school supplies.
Organize playdates to fill the long summer days we hadn't accounted for.
Do our best to start over each new day.


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