A Day in the Life.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

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I've wanted to document a family for awhile.
Just living.
Not dressed up.  Nor frolicking in tall grasses in perfectly sunlit settings.  
Posing perfectly on neutral colored blankets.
Just at home.
Settled sweetly in the chaos of family life.
No fluff, no frills.
Just being themselves.
This is a life I know best and have always wanted to capture for someone else, 
all the intricacies and intimacy of family living that go unseen by the rest of the world,
the inner workings of a home and the unfathomable love found within.
Equally, if not MORE beautiful, than life photographed in tall grasses.
Some of my amazing clients agreed to let me document a little snippet of their life.
Here is a small piece of their story. . . 

A quiet Saturday morning, as rain pitter-pattered against the windows, along the rooftop,
before the street lights went out and coffee pots clicked on,
I was welcomed in, before the sun fluttered it's eyelids open,
to watch sleepy heads come awake and cling to their mama.
The morning glow of the kitchen lighting the way,
to a slow moving Saturday at home.
Lounging in jammies a little longer than usual,
spreading cream cheese on bagels,
filling sippy cups,
table talk with inquisitive little minds.
Paying no mind to the dishes in the sink,
the crumbs on the floor,
the socks in the hamper,
just the love in the room,
the almost 'stoppage' of time around a kitchen table with little ones. 
THIS is what it's all about.
Being present in what is. . .
Jammied toes hanging below kitchen tables.
The days when daddy is everything.
 The innocence of dad's company in the bathroom.
 Or hand in hand, for a walk in the rain.
The precious times when sidewalk chalk and bubbles go hand in hand.
 When morning baths, are a sacred and beautiful ritual.  
Running hands through feather-fine hair.
Soapy washcloths between tiny toes and little fingers.
Scooping clean babes in to fresh towels.
Performing the simple tasks that make a home. . .
not just unloading the dishwasher, 
sweeping floors and folding towels,
but tickle bugs,
brushing teeth,
reading books,

nestling in and cherishing all the ways we fill our homes 
with love.

Finding peace, comfort and respite within these walls, 
to carry us through all life brings our way. 
{Thank you to the O family for letting me in.  You are beautiful.}


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