Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Cue music.  Two lovely songs.}
Little known fact about moi.
I fall in love easily.
Have since I can remember.
I'm dramatic like that.
EXTREMELY immature and stubborn in my thinking, even now.
It may not appear so, but it's true.
Ask my husband.
I become easily obsessed, fixating on things, people, ideas,
And like a child, they come and go on the winds of the season,
or my mood, 
where I migrate to something bigger and better.
But the GOOD ones.  The 'meant-to-be' things,
the ones that grab at me and hold on, 
stick.  Never lose their lustre.
And I have a new love.
{Aside from my husband's new beard.  GOD, I love it.  But in a weird way.  Just want to stare at him all day.}
So this new love.
AAAHHHHHHH. . .sigh.
Maybe you know him?
Seen him around?
His name is Colorado.
{P.S.  I took this with my phone.  Seriously?  Think it takes better pics than my camera.}
I'm smitten.
We have never taken a family trip.  All 5 of us.  On a plane.
We needed an adventure to kick off summer and it was time.
All three at great traveling ages.
We rustled little bodies awake before the sun came up.
Threw them in the car in their jammies.
And left.
The excitement of adventure and newness, pulsing through their little bones.
Of course, anxious questions permeated my thick skull.
"Ugh.  What are we doing.  Is this crazy?  What are we in for?  Are we going to regret spending the money, the time, the effort on these crazies?"
We even consulted Siri, not even 30 minutes upon arriving, 
due to incessant whining, questions, complaining.  Really?
She said, "Just keep going." 
Entering the landscape of this new state,
I took in a deep breath of a unique smell.
Dry, sweet, cool. . ."What IS that?"  I asked Brian.
"Can you smell that?  It's so. . .DIFFERENT.  AND. . .awesome."
{I'm a big scent person.}
Kind of like fresh mulch dipped in maple syrup.
Sweet.  Dry.  Smoky.
Desert/Mountain air.  Which I wasn't expecting.  Nor the flat landscape in Denver.
"Wow.  That John Denver's full of sh**."
Flat?  Where are the mountains? 
{Clearly I'm not good with geography.}
But behind the unusual morning fog/smoke from raging forest fires. . .there they were.
The only word to describe the landscape of this state.
As we made our way along Boulder Creek,
taking pictures in the early morn through the bug-smattered windshield of our rental,
we inched our way toward the lovely little town of Nederland,

nestled 8300 feet in the mountains, where we made our home for the week. 
Now, let's be real.
Vacation for the kids and vacation for us?  
Means two totally different things.
The kids want ice cream. . .every night.

Balloon animals.
Go Karts.
 Slides.  Big ones.
Merry-go-rounds and pony rides.
They don't want to walk, let alone hike,
but ride on shoulders.
Climb some stuff.
Ride some things.
Have pancakes for breakfast. . .until they explode.
They could give two shits about lovely, winding roads to snow-topped mountains.
They're simple creatures. . .for the most part.
We, as parents, always try to go above and beyond to please them and make their lives special and amazing.
But they don't care.
So we learn to accept that although we want to expose our kids to things we didn't get to do, 
create new adventures,
be 'super cool' parents,
open their eyes to other people, places, things,
it's not always about them.
Sometimes WE just want to get away too.
So something we do well in our family. . .negotiate.
Ice cream for you?  
Mountain stream for me.
Pizza for you? 
Hike for me. 
Sometimes, we, the parents, just want to reclaim a life that has been bombarded by little people, live out our own dreams,
with them tagging along, of course.
We let them play on the ipad, the iphone,to keep the peace.
Survive and allow us tidbits of harmony so WE could have a vacation  as well.
I mean, seriously?
{Rocky Mountain National Park.}
Have a snowball fight at 12,000 ft.
become park rangers,
do things 'out of the norm.'
Feed ducks.
Stop for the proverbial, "pic of of my feet on vacation in a cool, mountain stream."
Some mother.loving.freedom.
To explore. 
(And sometimes you have to pull over and leave the kids in the car,
to take a closer look.)  
They'll be fine.
 Getting lost in all that is here, there, wherever.
See a random little tree growing out of the side of a huge boulder.
Taking pics out of the sun roof,
or escaping for a second, to be alone with the trees.
Vacation is a time for US, not just them, 
to stretch our wings.
Do things out of OUR norm.
{J/K.  That's not me.}
But I DID do something I wouldn't normally climb in to.
 Ride a tram.  Really, really (way too) high for me.
{Blurgh.  That's the sound of me holding vomit down.}
But SO worth the trip.
 Chipmunks awaiting our arrival at the top.
{He really let me get 6" away from his face.  I had peanuts.}
Stretching every last minute of the day, to it's max.
Toting tired babes home, lulling them to sleep with every twitch and turn on winding roads,
 Yeah.  No idea.
We refused to put the windows up,
so we could soak up every last whiff of fresh, mountain air,
the entire trip.
{Much to the dismay of our passengers.}
So often found Grace like this, struggling to keep her face warm.
And she fell asleep like that once. 
Those little moments of respite on vacation,
to cherish the quiet.
Appreciate the gift we have in the ability to travel.
But also relish and take in our surroundings.
 Also visit dear friends,
Kiss babes and catch up.
And just as hard as I fall in love,
as easily I hold on.
Horrible at letting go and saying goodbye.
But with the imprint of this paradise etched in our hearts and minds,
prospects of making a home here, someday,
we let go, for now.
{Oh, I know.  SO cheese.  Whatever.  Shut up.}
We gather trinkets and memories of a trip well done.
Soaking up the last of the hush that sweeps the mountain tops when night falls,
The calm of the pristine lakes and the trees that hover above them.
Holding close the magic of this place.
My newest obsession and love,
Until we meet again. . .


BEES'NETTA said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I want to go to there.

gabbygrace said...

Such a great trip, memories made fo sure!

Sherry said...

Awww..I love the serenity of the scenic photos. It makes me want to plan a trip with my DH & brood in tow. Its always refreshing to shake up your senses with somewhere new. What a great time away where everyone got a little something out of it.

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