Monday, June 4, 2012

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I can't remember the last time I blogged about a photography session.
I DO work:) 
I've just turned this blog in to my own online, personal therapy session, featuring pics of my OWN life.
Today, I have to share these.
I've mostly been photographing families, kids, the life I know and relate to best.
A few seniors, commercial and professional head shots sprinkled here and there, but kind of turned my back on love.
Sort of purposefully, sort of just happened.  
But I think I may have to go back and rethink that.
These two had me at flannel shirts and jean shorts.
Now, if you follow photographers or do it yourself,
this is no original pose.  
THIS is your run 'o the mill pose to put a couple in, in the world of engagement sessions.  And I too, had to do it.
Because it's adorable and fun.
But this couple, 
these lovebirds and the rest of our session (the missus-to-be, near and dear to my families' heart, one of our treasured babysitters,)
is anything BUT run 'o the mill.
I love my job.
I love my families.
I LOVE the little babes I get to watch grow each year,
from behind my camera.
I LOVE that my passion allows me to marry two of my most favorite things in life. . .photography and watching people be together.
EVERY session, EVERY.SESSION, I get to watch moms and dads love on their babies, snuggle, give kisses, squeeze tight, chase after. . .
just BE for a moment, outside of the confines of their hectic lives,
to just love each other.
Although I'm working and doing my best to reflect the beauty of what I see on film,
it's hard for me not to get attached.
Some of these moments between loved ones are so intimate.  
And I sort of feel like I'm intruding, yet at the same time,
being shown a gift of some sort.
I can't explain it.
But it's beautiful and I'm BEYOND blessed to get to do this.
Very rarely do I have a session where I'm not brought to tears by a mom whispering sweetness into her baby boys' ear.
Or a dad nuzzling his nose into the crook of his baby girls' neck.
I'm a little emotional and dramatic, but I'm proud of that.
The emotion of witnessing something so special, always overwhelms me.
I get to see so much from the perspective of a photographer,
but also a wife and mother.
Anyway, these two revived my passion for photographing love.
It was an HONOR to watch the love flow between them.
So beautiful and real, it almost took my breath away.
Ryan and Julia, thank you for sharing:)
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
{Try not to get sucked in by the dimples.}
I know!  Dimples!  Right?!
What it is about photographing love,
is, well, for me, it takes me back.
To those days not long ago, before home buying, painting nurseries, baby registries, delivery rooms, and all the hurdles of parenting that were waiting, 
when life was. . .free.
Photographing the freshness and innocence between two young people in love,
takes you back.  It's amazing to see it up close and be reminded of those days and relive them again from another perspective.
(AND I'm buying Brian cowboy boots and hat a.s.a.p.)


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