vacation redo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

some people settle in to relaxation with ease and grace.
not me.  i plop down awkwardly.   
or like our last trip together, totally lose our minds with joy,
race to our beach chairs like school girls to justin bieber,
only to burn ourselves so badly we couldn't move the rest of the trip.  idiots.
it was brutal.
we needed a re-do. . .two years later, so i booked it.
which we did this past weekend. 
just the two of us.
to the Grand Canyon State.
(we skipped the whole Grand Canyon thing.)
too much driving.
we needed to redeem our poor vacationing skills, 
so we did it right.  listening to our intuition this time 
instead of sprinting out the gate at an overachieving pace.
allowing the wind to carry us wherever.
if you've been reading, you know my blogs are a whole lot of 
none of that today.  still in vacation mode, which requires no thinking, whatsoever.
what will seem like an add for the resort we stayed at,
is really just MY personal view from the lens of my camera, 
of what a 'get-a-way-from-kids' vacation means and SHOULD be, to us.
being alone.  being quiet.  being slow.  being lazy.  being together.
reconnecting to the team we started off playing for. . .us.  not them.
i'll let the pics do the talkin' for a change.
my camera close by, we took it all in. . .
{you can't see the complete joy on my face as we we peeled away from the airport in our sweet rental.}

but now you can see it.
look familiar?
that's bliss.
before we could kick off our shoes and scrub our airplane fumundacheese off,
we grabbed lounging attire and of course, a cocktail,
exploring our accommodations at our own leisure.

soaking up the sights, sounds and smells which p.s. was overwhelmingly fantastic.
oh my G, i could've stood there for hours and just smelled.  why do flowers smell better in other places?

 although we didn't make it to the Grand Canyon,
 we hopped in the car and headed to Sedona.
Where are we?  Oh yeah.  Vacationing.
 cool trees.

a day of exploring.
followed by a day of rest.
a day to read the paper, front to back, at sunrise.  with coffee.
a cabana with our name on it.  where we sat.  for nine hours.  nine.
only moving to flip a page, go for a quick dip.  bend straw to mouth, to sip a fruity drink.
adjust our lounge chair to recline into a nap.
{i took three.}
and is it just me?  or do cactuses, cacti, whatever, look like huge penises?
just sayin'.
we literally shut down the pool.  the last ones left to soak up the final rays of an amazing day, as the sun tucked itself neatly behind the mountains.
what did we learn?
traveling without kids is fantastic.
does 'time away' have to be anything other than a date night once a month?
no, but sure is awesome.
{we came home to snot-nosed sick kids, totally indifferent to our arrival, toilets to be plunged, laundry to be tackled. . .}
and now i'm depressed.
funny how leaving reality can #1.  help you appreciate what you have at home.  or #2.  make you want to escape more.:)
either way, it was a great time for the TWO of us.
can't wait to do it again.


gabbygrace said...

your re-do was awesome and re-done right, YEAH! So fun! :))))

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