my bad.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ok.  my husband, 
my adoring partner and reader of my blog,
the not-afraid-to-tell-me-when-i've-used--poor-judgement friend in my life,
(which, let's be honest, is a lot.):)
said, ". . .so tell me WHY wouldn't you at least share a link to the website you used?
i don't understand that.  what is your thinking there?"
"ah. . .well, i just thought. . .you know i don't want people who AREN'T struggling (with the aforementioned issues,) to poke around, take advantage. . .i don't know. . ."
 "that's ridiculous.  that's like me choosing not to share my ball cancer story with anyone, because it was MY story, when, sharing could help someone else."
sorry.  i had made a good excuse in my head why NOT to share the sacred place that has helped me so immensely.  he's right.  no excuse good enough.
here you go.  
in hopes that this too, aside from MY story,
will help you or anyone you come across in life, trying to 'manage' or cope with the same.
david johnson, the sweet, little grey-haired man in the video, well, i've dubbed him my angel in new zealand.  
truly an inspiration, a kind, humble and heart-warming man,
who through his program, has taught so many how to cope, simply with knowledge and understanding. 
teaching and guiding them to move forward in their lives, leading them in to recovery and more peace.
his story is similar to what so many of us have gone through.  it's an old video, but worth watching.:)



gabbygrace said...

beautiful and perfect...and yes for goodness sake share the link!!!!!! :)

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