spring in my steps.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

if this isn't the most beautiful time of year.
(well, next to Fall, the first snow, the first big rainstorm of the season,)
really, i love it all.
but this. . .right now, is perfect.
not too hot, not too cold.  fluffy clouds and blue skies,
almost tropical rains, the smell of lilacs in the air. . .
i'm welcomed each morning on our front steps,
as i shake out a rug or clap little baseball cleats out,
with a whiff of summer in the air and the scent of blooming lilacs trailing close behind.
i love the changes of the season and i need them.
and dear God, did WE need this, minnesotan's, that is.
spring to finally show the h up.
and even on those rainy or dismal spring days,
if you open up your eyes,
every once in awhile, you get a peak at that blue,
that sunshine, that is ALWAYS above the clouds,
if you look for it.
i can't stay in one place for too long,
i have to move, from thing to thing,
project to project,
because i'm damn antsy and frequently need a change of scenery.
i get so bored and start to lose momentum and motivation if i stay too stagnant.
and now,
after MONTHS of looking at mounds of snow,
drab, dreary skies,
relentlessly dripping noses and piles of snow pants and boots and wet mittens,
it's officially all been kicked to the basement,
and the flip-flops are out.
and those DAMN crocs that i despise so much.
(yes, i hear they're heavenly.  but i think they are so hideous.)
and really?  really?  did you have to buy a pair for EVERYONE?
i hate them like i hate fanny packs and black socks and waiting for things to happen.
but hey.  it's not about my personal style, right?  but about THEIR comfort.
so moving on.
crocs do mean summer, after all.
now we're firing up the grill,
popping open the umbrella and have already christened the deck with burgers and brats.
my most favorite food on the planet.
mouth watering beef snuggled between white fluffiness.
(and maybe a tomato or avocado or two, to balance out the nonsense.)
(and those look pretty sweet.  tuna looks yummy too.:)
oh.  p.s.  i'm a burger snob.  i'm always trying out burgers.  so far, no one has topped
five guys.  brian does a pretty good job though.
and in my head, as i (not so) patiently wait for my burger to be done,
my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies sings from my mind impatiently, . . .
"chuck i had a double burger."
fighting with the half-full ketchup bottle ensues,
spending entire weekends in the yard,
planting, mowing, and just soaking up the lush green that our yard has become.
the flowers that i buy each spring ('dark eyes' they're called,)
super cool and unique.
like little bubble skirts.
and our home, which i've eluded to in past posts,
gets hit with sun at all the right places, at all times of day.
the home i see much like 'the little house' now, a staple children's read in our house.
although not pink,
strong and sturdy, a good little house,
with it's own personality, like every member of our family.
the grass has never seemed more lush, more green, more inviting,
after the long, treacherous winter. 
the fresh mulch that i LOVINGLY put down (yes, i like to do things like that.  since i don't know how to garden, YET, i love to get my hands dirty, fill my never-painted fingernails with dirt and make things better.  more beautiful.
our 'bistro' (as we call it,) beckons to us nightly after the kids are down.  feet need to be put up and cocktails need to be poured.  and most of the time, we just stare at it from the kitchen table.
which can be JUST as cozy and sweet.
at least with the promise of more bistro-filled nights to come.
but also a place in our yard, that accumulates a hard day of playing and working in the yard.
and these are the days gracie LIVES for (which i've mentioned,)
all her winter days of, 'is it summer yet?  can i wear shorts today?
what about my sandals?  what degrees is it?'
all.winter.long.  just waiting impatiently, like her mother,
for the summer heat and sun to show up, 
where layered clothing is out and flip-flops are in.
no heaviness of winter coats and trudging boots and static hair from wooly hats,
but simply. . .freedom.  lightness.
these spring days where afternoons lounging in our hammock is a must.
giving daily gratitude for the challenges we have.
the challenges that, well, are great challenges to have.
getting to baseball on time, 
making sure teeth get brushed at night,
potty training and grocery shopping,
all these things that CAN be seen as a nuisance or stressful,
but can be equally as beautiful with the right attitude,
the right perspective.
awesome problems to have.  versus cancer, loss, unhappy children, no home or food on the table.
but also gratitude, for the knowledge that we have the strength and courage within,
to move through all of those things too, no matter what time of year.
water games are an almost everyday occurance.
when there's nothing else to do.
the only rule to this game is that NO one is allowed to get mommy.
charlie looks like a thug.
my kids LIVE outside, from may to october.
and i love this.  mostly barefoot and covered in filth by the end of the day,
but happy and healthy from all the sunshine, activity and freedom to run.
baseball seems all consuming, 
but again, a great problem to have.
some nights, jack's games are at the baseball field across the street.
to stumble out our front door in to folding chairs at the edge of the field.
to watch my. . .baby.
who's quickly becoming a little man.
who eats and breathes baseball this time of year.
who wears his braves shirt to school on game days, so he's ready as soon as he gets home.
runs to the field so he can be the first one there.
this time of year, when they play so hard, and sleep so deeply.
where "straight to the tub!"  is heard as often as 'stop that!  and "quit hitting your brother!" 
and "knock it off!"  and "just a minute!!!"
where our yard is LITTERED with garage toys and cars and water guns.
but it's ok.  because it means kids were here.  playing.  having fun.  being kids and having a childhood,
something that some kids never get to experience.
this season, the season of growth.
awaking from a season of rest, and darkness and cold, although lovely in its own ways,
long and. . .long.
but spring.  that brings lightness and movement,
springing us forward in to summer and activity,
evening walks, ice cream cones, swimming and sunshine.
and sundresses-jammies-jammies-sundresses.  i don't care.
as long as you have clothes on when you go outside.
where the sediment that has accumulated over the winter months,
gets dusted off and replaced with tan skin and bare, wiggling toes.
and the lilacs this year.  don't even get me started.
minnesota is known for many things.
but little attention is brought to these fragrant bushes that almost EVERYONE has in their yard.
we have lakes.  loons.
and lilacs.
that make spring, spring.
they don't last all summer, so this time of year is precious,
as they're in full bloom and fragrant as can be,
clipped from trees and arranged in to vases in my house, 
to bring a little more of the outdoors inside.
this time of year, close to my baby girls' birthday, 
which we don't typically make a big deal out of,
(we usually keep it simple for birthday celebrations.)
but not this one.  gracie's turning 5 and i want to give her everything she wants,
spoil her for a change.
so as i've lost myself in spring madness,
i'm also deep in to plotting, planning and looking forward to her special day and her big party,
daydreaming all the ways we can make it special and memorable for her.
but of course, practicing staying in the moment, being thankful for the now,
not letting myself get too carried away,
saying prayers for all we already have,
(and charlie praying he can sleep in mommy and daddy's bed.  not going to happen, pal.)
 and soaking up the rainy days just as much as the sunny ones.


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