hodge podge.

Monday, February 21, 2011

i love that word.
one of my fave's.
and a GREAT way to describe me, the kids, our house,
on a day like this.
this is insane.
we had close to 50 DEGREE TEMPS last week!
and now this?!?!
only in MN.
i don't really have anything meaningful and inspiring to say,
so we'll just post some cool, unedited pics (because i'm lazy and am in FULL LAZY MODE, sweatpants, banana-bread-baking, non-stop tv watching and all,
as we continue to get pummeled by winter weather
and count down the days until spring.
 the tuna, admiring the snow.
(but only because i put him up there, thinking it'd be a cool pic.)
that's just crazy.  a total white out.
so hard to imagine green grass and sunshine on days like this.
what have i learned THIS winter?
1.  baking makes everything better.  it's therapy. especially if chocolate is incorporated somehow.
2.  you can leave your little outdoor Christmas decor up as long as you damn well please, because most likely, more snow is coming.
3.  you have to shovel twice.  once, halfway through a big snow, then again when it ends.
(and by 'you' i mean my burly husband.)
4.  when i back down the driveway in the morning on the way to taking the kids to school, and if the plows came through the night before, i either need to shovel AGAIN, because they dump all their shizzle at the end of our driveway, OR put the mini in reverse and back down as fast as possible to get OVER the mound of snow at the end, even if it means i back right into the snowbank that's barricading the OTHER side of the street, all the while praying no dogs or dog walkers are in my path.
5.  shoveling (and cursing while doing it,) is great exercise.
6.  mini vans need mother-furkin' 4WD!
7.  the kids can't watch too much t.v. on these days.  you do what you gotta' do to survive this hibernation.  you're not rotting their brains.  they'll be just fine.
so we flick on some lights,
flip the switch on the fireplace,
light some candles,
make this little igloo we call home,
truly, home.

some women like shoes.
some like designer purses.
i'm a lamp/light fixture snob.
i don't even really have anything lights that are that amazing.
but i love lamp light.
and this time of year, 
is the perfect time to take full advantage.  no overhead lights.  
just lamps.
lighting us up like a Christmas village home.
your nose and cheeks pressed up against the windows, wondering what's going on inside.

let the t.v. watching commence.
we may mix a game in there, some,
'who wants to help mommy do laundry?!' prodding,
some snuggling,
some eating of baked goodies.
(8.  these days are NOT a good day to start 'watching what you eat. . .again.')
these days were MADE for grazing, savoring, hot mugs and sweet treats
you JUST may get a little stir-crazy though,
and be enticed in to the cold and snow,
if it means a cup of hot chocolate upon your return.
(just don't forget your pants.)
tuna is NOTORIOUS these days for stripping down.
he gets it from his sister.
and is he knock-kneed?  i'm starting to wonder.
velcro is sweet.
snow days or 
days off from school, are not always fun and full of hallmark moments.
usually, just the opposite.
 i think this is tantrum #6 for the day. 
mad because he doesn't want to put pants on.
AND we have a wedge!
this is very exciting for me.:)
we DID venture out for a much-needed haircut,
to clean up the choppy hair that was gracies' neckline.
SO much cuter.
my gracie squirrel.
as i pull together random hats and mittens,
from the bin of 'randoms,'
since 90% of our winter apparel is sitting in school lost and founds,
i found this old, cute hat of mine.
a hodge podge of winter-wear.
charlie looks like a little girl.
and when i see him/them in cute stuff like this,
i see their potential, like everyone else's beautiful children,
to be gap kids models.
but i'm too lazy.
i'm too cheap.
they wear hand-me-downs and look like a hodge-podge of children most days,
because i don't care and don't want to fight with my 4-year-old daughter
about her choice of outfits.  
she could be a gap model or at least dress like one,
but she's not, because i don't care.
i just want her to be comfortable and happy.
charlie loves hats and they love him.
and now we shovel.
and charlie's idea of shoveling is walking a few feet and tossing what he scoops against the mini van,
or in to the garage, whichever is closer.
and like everyday,
we count the minutes until daddy gets home.
and then wrestling begins.
as well as me yelling at everyone to stop,
because someone's going to get hurt, break a leg, hit their head, 
and for the 2 millionth time, i am NOT taking anyone to the hospital, 
you guys are walking yourselves.
and no one listens.
and everything is ok.


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