a time of rest. . .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

under the heaps of snow that creep up our houses,
the blustery winds that rattle our windows,
and temporarily suspend our travels in Minnesota tonight,
peace can be found.
this IS the time of year, after all,
for giving thanks, finding peace, love and joy.
to take comfort in each other,
baking cookies in the warmth of the kitchen,
 finding pleasure in the simple things.  the little tasks.
like the placement of an m&m in your chocolate wreath.
this is the time of year, 
unlike many,
i seek solitude.  quiet.  
and I was thankful to hear someone say, 
'winter is a time of rest.'
it lifted a burden for me, this week.
because it is.  and it should be.  
so many of us see it as a chaotic time, a stressful time.
and some get excitement from that.
but that's not how I see this time of year.
it's a time for our bodies to catch up with our minds.
our frantic-paced life.
a time to rest, replenish and rejoice in all that is good in our lives.
our homes, with all their imperfections,
our families, 
our ability to make choices each day.
and for the little luxuries.
the beauty in online shopping.
that's what I appreciate.
for my time outside of 'hibernating' to be just that.  outside.
in the snow.
not in and out of department stores.
that's just me.  that's what feeds me this time of year.
i'd rather shovel three feet of snow than shop.  no joke.
but also rejoicing in THOSE, not THINGS.
THOSE who are in our lives to teach, love and wrap us up with their goodness.
their wisdom or simply just their ear.
I would trade every THING I own for more of the same love I get from my friends,
my family.
because THAT is what this time of year is all about.
being there for each other and showing our love for one another.
our gratitude.
it's about finding what brings YOU joy and just going with it.
taking the time to APPRECIATE what's most important about this time of year 
and makes it special for YOUR family.
decorating the house, just so.  even if no one but the inhabitants of it will see it.
(and your blog readers, of course.)
soaking up the quiet.  the darkness of winter.  
from the comforts of your living room.
and as much as you'd love pottery barn to decorate your tree with their fanciness,
you settle for these.
the homemade ones.
the one your son made for you LAST Christmas.
and you remember when he gave it to you, all baby teeth still in tact, 
proud of his gluing abilities.
and now he's a whole year older.  missing teeth and reading books.
but you savor those memories as well as the new ones that will be made in the year to come.
savoring the little things even more.  because you know better now.
a handful of m&m's isn't going to hurt you.
in fact, they may just do you some good.
as long as you savor them and appreciate.
but again, appreciate what matters most.
and know it's ok to snuggle up with your favorite love,
at LEAST once a day, if not more, this time of year.

and start to see things from their eyes, if you haven't already.
Christmas time in all it's splendor and excitement,
without getting caught up in all that doesn't matter.
from our home to yours,
wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.
{I'm going on hiatus for the rest of the month, to 'hibernate' and just be.}
hope you can find time to do the same.
have a 'tree-mendous holiday' and see you in the new year!


BEES'NETTA said...

Love....I agree that winter should be a time of rest. And I LOVE that pic of the pitcher with the berries...gorg!

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