it's not over 'til it's over.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas. . .ah, lovely.
snow covered trees, toasty warm cars ready for the 'over the river and through the woods trip' to grandma's,
spritz cookies (my fave,)
super annoying Christmas songs that are overplayed but lovable, on the radio. . .
i'm not ready to say my goodbye's yet.
i know a lot of you like to take down your tree, strip down your mantels,
pack up your stockings as soon as the last present is opened.
move on with the rest of the year.
i think that's lunacy.  
pure ridiculousness.
my mom once said Christmas day was just the beginning of the Christmas season.
i don't know if that's true, but i'll buy it.
that's the way it should be.
we spend SO, SO, SO much time and energy preparing for Christmas Day.
decorating, shopping, baking, more decorating, more shopping, more Christmas movie watching.
and then it's gone in a flash and we're ready to move on to the next big thing.
sorry.  i'm done with that sh**.
it's like your wedding day.  having a baby.  all that anticipation.  all that planning.
and then it's over.  just like that.
clearly i have issues with 'moving on' and 'letting go.'
i'm well aware.
i have terrible post-vacation blues.
i turn in to the biggest snot after a lovely vacation, because i never want the fun to end.
like your 2-year-old throwing a tantrum because they don't want to leave the park yet.
maybe someday i'll get better at this.
but with Christmas, well, it's not hurting anyone by continuing the celebrating or at least basking in the glow of our Christmas tree a few days longer.
i'm all about 'soaking it up' now.
our tree, our garland, our manger, all that makes our home lovely and cozy and twinkling this season,
will stay up WELL after new year's.
(partly because i'm super lazy these days,)
partly because that's the way i think it should be.
unless you're super awesome and able to soak up all your hard work and Christmas loveliness while you're shopping, wrapping and baking and REALLY enjoying it all,
then you go and take down that stuff december 26th.
not me.
i'm still enjoying it.
the peanuts Christmas album is still on repeat in the car, the Christmas tree is still being watered and plugged in every morning until the sun is up and pouring through our dining room windows, drowning out the strands of light until night again.
and ours was SO, SO lovely.
our families have FINALLY agreed we're getting too old and spent to be wasting time, money and energy buying things for each other that we don't need.
and realizing we really need nothing anymore.
other than each other and good health.
that's it.
we keep it simple now.
just buy for the kids.
so easy.  so less stressful.
and it's all about them anyway.
and as i always say,
enjoying things through THEIR eyes,
which is so much better.
jack still believes.
which is awesome.
the anticipation of santa's arrival,
all the joy and excitement and night's lying awake. . .
in wonderment.
ah, sweet Christmas.
i don't know why, but this was one of the best we've had in awhile.
maybe because, well, i talked about that above.
or maybe because we're just getting better.
better at this thing called life.
rolling with the punches.
going with the flow.
living in the moment.
not letting the silly, the stupid and the scary side swipe us,
throw us off track 
from enjoying what's most important.
so, as i continue to soak up my Christmas lights, Christmas movies,
just for a few more days,
before we begin a new year again,
there's a promise of great things to come.
remembering, that when i'm finally ready to 'move on,'
that there is always SOMETHING to look forward to, 
even if Christmas is over.
that these cold, dreary winter days ahead,
can be filled with just as much joy as the recent.
if you choose.
taking long afternoon naps with your love's.
waking up sleepy eyed and rosy-cheeked.
tussled hair but fresh from slumber.
trying new recipes, iceskating, sledding, hot cocoa filled with WAY too many marshmallows.
it's only the beginning.
enjoy it.:)


gabbygrace said...

Beautiful and perfect and I am the person who soaked it all up in preparation, so thank you for allowing me to tear it all down now! ;)

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