Friday, November 26, 2010

aaaaaahhhhhhh. . .thanksgiving.
one of my husband's most coveted holidays.
and I don't blame him.
a day we get to belly up (literally,) to my mother-in-law's table,
a feast fit for kings.
partly because we don't have to do anything except show up.
and try to keep our rowdy children under control.
(which we don't do well, as the minute we walk in the door,
scooped up by hugs and the smell of turkey and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven,
we melt.
we let the kids run amok because, well, we don't care.  
although we've spent countless minutes:) trying to explain what Thanksgiving is all about,
they're too young to get it and don't appreciate what they're about to experience.
so why bother with them and let them ruin it for us?
so we do our best to kiss them, feed them then send them on their way
but sit back, savor and bask in the Thanksgiving glow that surrounds my mother-in-law as she cooks.
this pic doesn't do her ANY justice.
the amazing human being that she is.
it's the best I could do without getting in her hair and messing with her flow.
remember, i've mentioned her before.
she's on a pedestal in my world.:)
but she and my father-in-law together, make it look so easy, 
working gracefully as a team,
giving to all of us, always, the best Thanksgiving ever.
moving swiftly but lovingly from table to kitchen, kitchen to table,
a table beautifully set with the fine china, the good silver,

bringing bowl after bowl after beautiful bowl of EVERYTHING that is Thanksgiving. . .
turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, sweet potatoes, warm rolls, THE BEST cranberry bread you'll ever eat. . .it might as well be a cookie, it's so wonderful.
you just want to sit there for hours and soak it all up.
drape yourself over the table and breathe in it's goodness.
(ok.  that got weird.)
but if you're as blessed as we are,
you can't deny the beauty of this day.
being around the table completely enveloped with love and family.
but that's how I feel.  and I KNOW that's how brian feels about this joyous day.
just look at his face!  can't you SEE the pure joy!
although my jeans are a little tighter than they were when we left the house this afternoon,
and I hate myself a little for not stopping when my stomach said to stop,
I'm not really caring because it's Thanksgiving time.
it's worth it.
it's day where we need to be even MORE grateful for all that we have,
all that we've been given.
not just for this feast and this family,
and for the homemade pumpkin pie that seals the deal,
but for our health, our ability to find contentment and joy in the most trying of times.
the strength to move through it and come out even better.
(some things I'll be talking about in a blog to come,)
but there is SO much to appreciate and be thankful for.
remember that as you get caught up in your Christmas shopping, card-sending, party planning.
all of that is lovely and adds excitement to the season,
as long as it's filled with gratitude and the motivation to be better, give more and take less 
and simply be thankful for what you already have.


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