why is it?

Friday, October 15, 2010

why?  why mommy?  but why?
i hear that word, 'why,' as much as my children hear the word 'no.'
and the common responses are, 'i don't know.'  
'ask your father.'
i can't keep up with the 'why's.'
they're fired off like missile's EVERY second of EVERYday by EVERYone.
sometimes i'll have a lovely, knowledge-filled answer.
mostly, it's met with a frustrated, 'i have no idea.  get your shoes on.'
'i have no idea.  get your jacket on.'
'because i said so.  grab your backpack.'
'but MOM!  why DOES snot come out of your nose so fast when you sneeze???'
are you kidding me?
'but mom!  i just have one question.  what would happen to you if you got caught in the center of a tornado?'
'mom, when was i was a baby?  when can i be a baby again?
(that one always makes me sad.  i wish for the same thing.:)
but i have a few 'why's' of my own.
why is it that the minute you finish scrubbing the floor, turn your back to wring your towel in the bucket (oh yeah, i hand scrub, baby.  i'm pyscho.)
why is it, in that SPLIT second EVERY TIME, someone (tuna) throws his sippy cup in to the room, and of course, it's the one that's missing the little plug, so milk just pores freely from it, all over your beautifully scrubbed floor?  leaving you cursing & wanting to throw it back?
or when you started scrubbing the floor, your 2-year-old was sitting peacefully in a chair, 
being corrupted by cartoons but quiet, and well, silence is golden,
but five minutes later, he's standing in the corner, naked, peeing, having ripped off his diaper.
why do i find myself purusing the eddie bauer online catalog?  when did this nonsense happen?
what happened to abercrombie?  express?  american eagle?
what am i doing here?  eddie bauer?  oh wait.  i'm in my 30's.  
(ok.  i do have to say, i was trying to find a rugged, manly shirt for brian,)
but i had to laugh.  eddie bauer was popular in the early 90's and where my parents may have shopped. . .you know, flannel shirts, mom jeans and such.
but here i am.  everything has come full circle.
but i also don't remember the eddie bauer models being this lovely to look at. 
why is it that when you're the most tired, the kids don't nap?
but when you have NOTHING to do or are just having a wonderful day and actually WANT to hang out with your chidlren, filled with wonderful energy, they sleep for hours?
(i'm not complaining about that one, by the way.  just funny how that works.)
why is it, when you try to be better, a healthier go to the co-op to buy only organic mom, to get $5 apple juice for your children who shouldn't be drinking so much of it anyway, 
well you stock up and know this bag is not going to sustain the weight of all this crap, but you try to get it as quickly in to your car as you can,
only it falls through the bottom and shatters at your feet, 2 inches from the mini-van door.
and why does someone sweet and angelic and innocent always have to be walking by as you literally SCREAM a huge 'MOTHER FU**KER!   
(i swear, i didn't see her.  otherwise, i would've used something cleaner.)  
and she just kept walking, with her head down, clearly scared to death of the crazy woman with the side ponytail, unbrushed teeth and man-pants standing in a puddle of $5 apple juice and glass.
why is it, that the times your children are playing so beautifully, you decide to hop in your FIRST shower for the week and take advantage, and you come out 5 minutes later to find your 2-year-old wrestling with your 4-year-old, and, well, check out the attire. . .
 . . .on both of them.
utter nonsense.
but this is a why, you don't ask why about anymore.  you just grab your camera and document the moment, because, 
it's hilarious.
your little 'angel' tuna trying to wrestle britney spears to the floor.
(recognize her outfit?  you thought it was retired, didn't you?  it graduated to the 'dress-up bin.'
sometimes, the 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' becomes laughable.
and all you can do, is stop, sit down, dripping in your towel, fresh from the shower, and watch.
wait to see how this little midget plans to take down his sister, in his angel wings and all.
how he's going to drop her like a bad habit for trying to squeeze a tutu over his sweatpants.
 and it's going to be hilarious, so you need front row seats.
and suddenly the why's don't matter.
you forget the sticky floor, the spilled liquid gold, the shame, the fact that you're getting older.
they're getting more and more beautiful.
more and more fun.
and THEY'RE growing, right before your eyes.

(p.s.  what 4-year-old poses like that?)
the unanswered why's, well you'll get to them someday.
or they'll be brought to you.
but for now, you try to live in the moment.
soak up the hear and now,
rather than the 'what if's and the why me's.'
 and just let them be.


BEES'NETTA said...

Adorable....want to pinch cheeks and then go out and buy matching outfits.

Vuong Family said...

hilarious. absolutely hilarious. pretty sure kiley and jaxon will be doing the same thing soon... though i think jaxon will be making kiley play dress up with him with jewelry, tutus, and high heels... and i most definately will have my camera ready ;-)

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