Fall and all it's loveliness.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

this lifelong-self-proclaimed-summer-baby is over it.
summer, that is.
i have a new favorite season.
and it's here.
we DO have some pretty amazing summer's here in MN,
if the temps stay below 85 and the humidity and mosquitoes are manageable,
but FALL here?
you can't beat it.
it's like every mid-september and october,
God decides to bless us Minnesotan's with some peace,
because he knows the frigid, icy temps,
the MONTHS of cabin fever, snot noses and pasty whiteness, 
we're about to endure.
and he's blessing us now.
with this pure bliss of a Fall we've been having.
this is my street.
this is the EPITOME of small town charm, 
in cozy, little Stillwater, MN.
where it is a CRIME to not be outside enjoying this landscape.
the quaint, tree-lined streets,
the parks,
the pumpkin fest.
it's magical.
and this really doesn't do what the river valley is doing right now,
any justice.
but you get the idea.
this is it.
the weather my husband LIVES for.
i've always been annoyed with Fall. 
in the past, to me, Fall just meant cooler temps and winter fast-approaching.
an end to summer, a start to school, no more beaches and bathing suits.
i spent much of my adolescence worshiping the sun,
for HOURS on end.  baby oil and all.
the beaches, the pools, any sunny patch of grass i could sneak to,
i was there.
but things have changed, as usual.
with kids to chase, a yard to clean-up, landscaping and mowing to stay on top of,
those activities only become more tedious and annoying when the hot summer sun is beating down on you.
no thanks.
but then there's Fall.
where the sun is different.
rather than the oppressive heat, 
it brings a soothing warmth.  it's golden, not white hot.
it's inviting, alluring sun, 
that coaxes you down to the grass for a little nap with a good book.
or your blankie.
(that's tuna taking a snooze in the grass.  like i said, it's inviting.)
this is the kind of weather you could NEVER get sick of, i don't think.
you could literally stay out in it ALL day.
the kind of weather that brings on feelings of guilt, just by leaving it to go in and use the bathroom.
it's lovely.
so we leave work early, walk everywhere we can,
ignore the dishes piling up in the sink,
because, we know.
winter is a 'comin'.
so we let that carpet of leaves alone for a bit before we break out the rakes,
enjoying their color and crunch,
letting the kids have at 'em.

where leaves in the hair are tres chic.
for years i always said i wanted to retire to the ocean, the beach, the waves.
ummmm. . .i changed my mind.
although i will always be a beach baby,
i'm changing.  a good change.
(and brian will take credit for this i'm sure, claiming he's turned me from all the lame things in life in to the smarter more logical choices.)
i'm embracing Fall as my favorite now. 
give me a mountain home in Montana, where there's a bite in the air,
but a strong, heavenly sun.  
where you don't sweat when you talk or get sand stuck in gross places.
until then, 
this is our home.  where we have seasons.  change.  which i'm learning to JUST LOVE and appreciate.
we live in a state, where when seasons seem to be getting a little too long,
we get reprieve.
we get a change.
a cue from the skies and the trees and the dewpoint, 
that signals us to take stock, rearrange, organize, clean, simplify
and most importantly,
and get ready for a new season.
where, right now, in this lovely state,
football's on in the background, chili's in the pot, apple pie's in the oven.
where we take what we can get and savor these days, until next time.


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