gettin' hitched.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

weddings are SO much more.
more than just the bride and groom.
the dress, the shoes, the rings, the flowers.
if you look hard, it goes so much deeper than that.
other than being born, birthdays, graduations, 
it's one of your major life events.  a (hopefully,) once-in-a-lifetime event.
something many of us anticipate, our entire life.
beyond the flowers, the preparation, the perfect earrings, the invitations,
it's the end of your old life, the beginning of a new.
where a little runt of a kid, pestered by her older sister, rambunctious and wild and free,
has oddly and amazingly, transformed in to a quiet, stunningly beautiful woman.
now a mrs.
it's a celebration of her life up until now and the passage in to a new one.
it's where love,
no matter how long you've been dating, how well you know each other,
how long you've been living together,
takes on new meaning.
it's official now.
this ceremony.  this celebration, somehow, makes it even more real and true.
because everyone you know, is there to witness it.
give proof to it.
everyone you love, even people you don't really know,
show up.
to support you.  be there for you. 
where the tears and hugs flow as freely as the beer on tap.
because, my God.  you're doing it!  
when did you get here?  where has life gone?
weren't you just running around in your little pink sweat suit?
your little cheeks stained with dirt, grass-stained knees, tousled hair, after a hard day of playing with the neighbor kids?
now here you are.
a true beauty.  a grown woman.  with a bearded man of your dreams.
your wedding.
it's more than just free alcohol.
decent food.
it's where cousins you haven't seen in ages, come to party.
where love is in the air,
where you're reminded of your OWN vows.  your OWN love.  and it seems that much sweeter.
it's where, if it's a sweet wedding like this,
there are yard games.
there are family friends that more than likely,
your parents invited.
but they're there, because they watched you grow up.
they knew you when you were that little kid.  you played with their kids.  they were there for your parents when they didn't know what to do with you.
and they're still here, to celebrate you.  honor you.
it's where people snatch up your kids, hug and kiss and squeeze them,
entertain them so you can take cool shots like this. . .
and when storm clouds approach,
you're forced inside to the coziness of four walls.
to eat, drink and be merry, with the ones you love.
dancing shoes are put on.
crabby, tired babies,
delirious from road trips, hotel swimming, yard games, cupcakes and undivided attention from every aunty in the place,
are sent home with (fabulous) best friends/babysitters employed, just for this occasion.

it's where, aside from the love, the family, the vows,
this blessed celebration is brought together with the food, the cocktails and dancing.
and of course, only the BEST music for this music lover.
 no rules apply when it comes to weddings.
good dancing, bad dancing.
it's a celebration.  you dance like there's no tomorrow.
you put all shame, embarrassment, insecurities behind you, for one night.

you drink a little too much.
you end up on the floor somehow.
but it's a wedding.  a celebration for ALL of us.
it's your wedding.
where people drove for miles,
for you.  to celebrate you.
even though you may not know them that well.
you may not have seen them in ten years, and may not for another.
but they showed up all the same.
because they've been more a part of your life than you know.
they remember the day you were born.
they remember how much of a stinker you were to your parents.
and they quietly and peacefully dance around you,
sharing in the same joy your parents feel, as they watch you, 
their baby girl, now a married woman.
your wedding.
it's the ONE night, 
you just may be able to coax your shy father, 
in to one dance.  a dance you'll never forget.
and although the sun will set on this amazing day,
everything will still be the same.
your family will still be there.  the love will still be there.
everything will grow quiet, once again.
but if you're lucky.
if you're smart, you'll see everything in this new life,
with new eyes.  new appreciation.
more love and understanding in your heart.
and if you're blessed, you'll be heading in to this new life,
with a strong foundation,
a pillar of family for support,
a knowledge of who you are, a respect for who they are,
and the ability and openness to bring out the best in each other,
and constantly work to do better, be better and love harder.




The Jagow Family said...

Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. Congrats to your sister and her new husband!

Michelle Jagow

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