Sunday, October 17, 2010

this lovely note was submitted to my search for the BEST.MOMMY.EVER.
have a read. . .can't wait to meet you Amy!  after reading this, i have to agree, you're quite an amazing woman. 
you truly are an inspiration.

(this was written by her dear friend, Jenny.) 
Jenny, you had me in tears.   

"I met Amy three years ago to the day at an ECFE class.  Our sons are just one month apart.  Amy is one of those people where you know the instant you meet her that you're going to be BFFs for life.
Amy has been there for me through thick and thin.  She supported us when we moved to a new house and she was there for me in my most trying hour when I found out our little girl needed skull surgery.  I literally was panicking when I got the news and I called her to see if she could watch our son last minute.  No questions asked she told me to get over there ASAP and then back to my daughter where I needed to be.

When our daughter was in the hospital she brought me a steaming cup of Starbucks, a good book and two homemade bookmarks with my kids' pictures.  It's the little things, you know?

Well, 2010 decided to throw Amy LOTS of curveballs.  Since January, Amy has experienced TWO miscarriages, her youngest son being hospitalized, herself being hospitalized for pancreatitis and the news that she would be laid off from her part-time job.
While Amy has obviously struggled emotionally (who wouldn't with all that?!) she has never once complained about her children or her duties as a mother. In fact, quite the opposite.  She's the best mom ever.  She's the kind that will drop everything to go to the park and push her kids on the swing or catch them at the bottom of the slide.  Amy is also extremely devoted to her marriage with her adorable hubby, Joe.

The reason I'm nominating Amy is because she often gets down on herself for thinking she's not a great mom.  She gets mad at herself for petty things like not getting dinner on the table every night and relying on McDonald's or whatever's in the freezer.  So, I guess this nomination is my way of saying I think Amy is a crazy, amazing mother and her two little boys are so lucky to have her!  I suspect they're never going to remember if she made dinner every night or not.  But I bet they will remember all the bike rides and trips to the park."
congrats Amy!!!
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Amy said...

This is so awesome. Thanks Jenny for your wonderful words and to Liz too. I can't wait for our session.


Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I completely agree with Jenny. Amy is amazing, and has has quite a year. She deserves to be spoiled a bit :)

Anonymous said...

I third that! A tough year but she's still willing to listen and stay positive. Good things come to good people!

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