unexpected blessings.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the unexpected.  
life is FILLED with it.
that word should be included in the definition of life.
it's the BIG stuff, the painful stuff that happens in between.
the moments that catch us off guard when life is peachy & we feel untouchable.
but is the unexpected all bad?  all painful?
absolutely not.
the unexpected, although maybe INITIALLY difficult, can bring to our lives, 
more joy, more peace, more compassion, more love in our hearts,
than we ever thought possible.
the unexpected, can show us things about ourselves, that maybe we really needed to see.
the unexpected can open our eyes to what we've been missing, 
what we've taken for granted, something we REALLY needed to see.
the unexpected can teach us big, fat painful lessons,
but on the other side, will make us even better human beings.
it can be as simple as teaching us to live better, love harder, sleep more, be smarter.
this beautiful little 'unexpected,' 
is a blessing.
just days before he was born,
his parents were told he has down syndrome.
unexpected.  COMPLETELY unexpected.
did this news bring sadness, fear, anger, grief over another life they were expecting?
of course.
but that's how the unexpected works.
if drops in your lap from the sky, like a bag of bricks.
taking your breath away, making it hard to run away.
giving you very little time to dwell, contemplate, wallow.
you do those things, because well, this was unexpected, you weren't prepared, no one gave you any warning.
it just is.
but because it's life, another life, in this case,
you wipe the tears away, mourn the loss of the life you had planned on, 
but move forward, the best you can.
and this little unexpected,
can you bring you more joy, more love, more appreciation,
than you ever thought you'd have.
he's flawless.
and despite what doctors say, reminding you of all the challenges that lie ahead, (which we ALL face with kids in general,) but especially with a little man with down's syndrome, 
you choose to rise above it.  
you say, 'um, yeah.  we're just living in the moment right now, with our happy, peaceful little love.  we're not concerned about the potential 'what if's,' challenges. . .the future.'
these amazing parents, have chosen to accept the unexpected wholeheartedly, are not naive or ignorant to the struggles that may be ahead, 
but are living in the moment with their new love, their new life, their new normal.
THIS is a way of living we can ALL work harder to emulate.
to live in the moment, 
paying no mind to the 'why us?'  
do what you need to do to get past the initial shock,
but then stand up, shake off your past expectations,
and move forward, fully embracing the new life you've been given,
from this unexpected.
trusting that no matter how hard the journey, 
the unexpected, can bring more to your life than you ever thought possible.
i love when people say, 'oh it was just a fluke thing.'
that phrase annoys me.
is anything big that happens to us really just a fluke?
to some people it is.
i don't think i believe that.
no matter how painful, how devastating, how unexpected,
i believe crazy stuff happens, to teach us something.
to show us something we're missing.
i have to believe that.
but again, no matter how 'flukey' it may seem,
if you look hard, or you give it time, these unexpected, 
were given to us for a reason,
whether we understand it or not.
why uber healthy people still get cancer, parents bury their children before they've even lived, earthquakes & tsunamis wipe out entire cities. . .
there must be some reason for it.
if anything, it teaches everybody left behind, something.
so, what am i trying to say here?
despite the heartaches, the tragedies, the mistakes, the let-downs,
well, we have SO much to gain from those experiences, 
if we're open to it.
and we just might receive something as beautiful as this.
dedicated to the mommy of this little man.
a dear friend,
i love you, girl.  you are an inspiration to me, my self-titled guru of all that's right & logical & smart.  you are a voice of reason and most importantly, 
one of the most amazing moms i know.


Unknown said...

Very well said - You can either go into a shell and do nothing, or realize just how blessed you are. When Sean was born, we cried for a week because of the fear of the unknown, but after that, you just move on and make plans for this wonderful adventure you about to undertake. Yes, there will be downs, but the ups out way them three fold! It will be hard, but it is so worth every tear and challenge you face. What ever they do, they need to remember the possibilities of their bundle of joy. The way we live is, what ever Sean dreams, we will give him every opportunity to achieve that dream. I will never hold him back from his dreams (even when the dr and teachers question you. You are this childs advocate - if you don't do it, nobody will! God bless your friend and their wonderful new addition.

Alicia Schneider said...

Beautifully written post! His mommy is an inspiration to so many people, including myself. Unexpected, certainly... but what a blessing! You take one look into the sweet little eyes of his and you know that he has so much to offer this world! What a bundle of sweet joy that was born into an amazing family!

Unknown said...

I cannot agree more. Of all the moms I know, no one is more able to adapt to the unexpected and unique than Grace. Her Husband must be of the highest caliber too, or else there wouldn't be that union. What a great family, Graham and Audrey and now Nolan joining. Blessings to the Robbin's, and Thanks for sharing this with me.

Amy said...

This is just the most beautiful post. AND this little boy is also incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing him with the world. Thank his Mommy too.

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