Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i had a thought.  (i know, scary.)
i know so many amazing moms.
moms who i think about daily, who inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry, pick me up. . .
and that's just how they deal with ME.
but i see how they are with their children, as wives, as sisters, as friends to others.
as chefs, do-gooders, volunteers, teachers, you name it.
and they're amazing.
but they're real.  honest about who they are, owning their faults & weaknesses,
always working tirelessly to do better, be better, live better.
weathering the storms that life brings,
with maybe not so much grace, but again, with honesty, humor & love.
here's what i'd like to do.
pay attention, as this is a big deal (i don't do give-a-ways, freebies or discounts anymore.)
but for moms, i will.
i want you to write to me.
tell me about someone you know, who is THE.BEST.MOM.EVER, in your eyes, from your perspective.
and why?
do they cut the grass for their husband so he doesn't have to, after a long day?
do they hand-scrub their floors AND cook a gourmet meal each night for the family?
do they work a full time job AND come home & be a mom?  (GOD.BLESS.YOU.)
did they survive cancer?  
do they easily bypass all chores daily, to just PLAY with their kids? 
is there house trashed?  mold in every corner, house falling apart, 
but they give more love to everyone around them than anyone you've ever known?
have they been depressed for the last 6 months, but continue to get up, get dressed & do their best for that day, with their kids?
whatever the reason, i want to know.
and i want to meet this person.:)
i want to know what makes them the BEST.MOM.EVER.

1.  this woman must be a mom & have at least one child:)
2.  daddy's, you're MORE than welcome to write!!!  tell me about your wife, your aunt your sister.
3.  get detailed.  as mentioned in my last post, i want you to spill it.  be honest.  be hilarious.  there's no filter here.  :)  it doesn't need to be 3 pages, but it needs to be more than 3 sentences.
4.  all writings need to be in by september 15, for this month's drawing.
5.  you don't need to be a good writer or try to impress me.  just write from the heart & be honest.
each month, i will randomly draw (or pick my favorite. . .need to think on that,) story, about the BEST.MOMMY.EVER.  i will review submitted works (again, in by the 15th of the month,) and will post the winner the last day of every month.
we'll do this for september & see what the turnout is.  if it's colossal (which i hope it is, as i want to hear about more amazing mommies,) but if there are tons, i may just continue to draw from this month's submissions.
OH!  SO WHAT DO YOU GET!  (off on a tangent.)
the monthly winner of the BEST.MOM.EVER.AWARD, will get a 
mommy & her family.  (i'll be photographing, obviously.)  
is a half hour enough?  yes.  it is.
i can get most 'important' shots in that short time. . .and if we go over a little, well, this BEST.MOMMY.EVER was probably worth it, if she won.
at their location of choice (provided they are local.  IF an out-of-state mommy wins, well, we'll work something out.)

this is a big deal, guys.  if i'm going to be truthful here, this is almost $100 value!
if you're cheap like me, that's a good chunk of change!:)

the BEST.MOMMY.EVER will win this free session, to use with their family, from which i can get family photos, individuals of her sweet babies, the kids all together. . .the dog.  even some of her & her spouse.  whatever they wish.  because if they WIN this, they're worth it.

this session does NOT include travel time, if i'll be meeting the BEST.MOMMY.EVER outside of a 25-mile radius.  make sure they're aware of that, or YOU, the writer, are willing to foot the bill for any travel costs (which, are minimal, so don't worry. . .unless they live in delaware.  then you'll be covering my travel expenses.  :)
this session does NOT include prints.  the BEST.MOMMY.EVER will be able to look at her prints in an online gallery & order what she likes.  for a detailed price list, please contact me.
the session needs to be used within the year it was won.  so, plenty of time to use & bank it for a special occasion, a milestone, a season.  as long as it's used before year end.
or nominate yourself!  that's perfectly alright!  if you're confident, proud & think you're amazing, well, i want to know why!  as long as you're honest:)
your kids can make submissions too, provided they're old enough to write or email.

you can send all writings to
please title it, BEST.MOMMY.EVER
as long as your submission is in by 5pm on the 15th of the month, you're golden.
good luck, mommies!
keep up the good work!  
oh!  and please forward this on to any other mom you know, who might be interested!!!


Unknown said...

You are an amazing wife, mother and friend Liz! I nominate you!!!

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