Christmas on Labor Day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

it is WAY too early to be talking about Christmas.
i know.
now that our 90-degree days are over & lovely fall is upon us,
well, Christmas will be here before we know it.
let me just say, i am one of those people,
who gets outwardly P-I-S-S-E-D while meandering (wait, meander?  heh!  
who am i kidding?!  when was the last time i 'meandered' ANYWHERE with my children?')
what i meant to say was,
i get outwardly P-I-S-S-E-D while RUNNING through the aisles of Target,
children hanging off, in & around the card, yelling, 'CAN I GET THAT?  CAN I GET THIS?  WHAT ABOUT THAT?  OH!  I NEED ONE OF THOSE!'
(which is why i'm running, before i have a nervous breakdown & leave one of them behind in the barbie section.)
oh my gosh. . .i keep going off on a tangent.  
ANYWAY, running.  screaming. and i'm so SUPERBLY annoyed that the Christmas decor is out already and it's NOT EVEN OCTOBER!  we haven't even gone through the TWO OTHER HOLIDAYS YET!'
and then i chill out, once we're checked out & away from the distruption & back in the euphoric-producing loveliness that is the inside of my mini-van.
but i MUST show these off.
a little 'CHRISTMAS SNEAK PEEK,' if you will.
these are some of the most beautiful, handcrafted toys i've ever seen.
from my extremely talented father.
isn't it beautiful???
right now, his little workshop is a buzz, has he's building, sanding & putting every last ounce of love in to these trucks before the holidays begin.
these are just a sneak peek, here on my blog,
but will be up on my dad's website soon, with more information (dimensions, materials & pricing.)
they DO come natural, like this, & can of course be painted by you or gosh, think of how busy this would keep your little ones on a snowy-negative-40 degree-day in february, painting away, while you sip your latte & eat bon bon's on the couch?!  (sounds lovely, huh?)
i will say, we have two of these for jack, one of which he took markers too (instead of paint.)  
AND this sweet semi-truck, is a GREAT size for 1-year-olds & up!
even your daughter could paint it pink & send all her barbies & my little pony's on a road trip to the kitchen in the back of this rig!
so, please contact my dad, 
through his website, for more info!!!
and happy labor day!


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