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Sunday, September 12, 2010

i share.
that's what i do.
(well, i don't share food very well.  actually, not well at all.  i have this thing with sharing food.  i'm like a stubborn 2-year-old when it comes to sharing food.  don't ask me why.)
but everything else?  i share.
upon the first 5 minutes of meeting me, you'll know more than you wanted to.
and in those first 5 minutes, i can tell if you're going to be my friend.
if you stood around long enough to listen.
OR, you reciprocated a conversation & shared yourself with me.
so, for those of you who know me well, this will be old news.
but i thought i'd share a few things that you may NOT know about me.
1.  i found myself at this beautiful, new ball park.  jack wanted to go for his birthday, as he's OBSESSED with the Twins.  
I really could care less about baseball, but really wanted to see the new park & spend time with my baby boy for his 6th birthday wish.  so, here we were.  and i found myself bored after the first hour i spent photographing everything within an arm's reach.  
i found myself daydreaming about hockey season.  sweaty breezers.  ramshackles against the boards.  hockey hair.  martin havlat.  baseball is just WAY too slow for me.  it takes five minutes for them to pitch the damn ball!  no thanks.  but jack was in heaven.  so i did my best to enjoy & got some nice shots.
and spent the last THREE hours taking pictures of food, wishing i'd brought a good book or had a girlfriend along to gossip with.  jack wasn't interested in hearing about the real housewives new jersey reunion part 2.
 i WILL say, i do love me some devoted fans.  die hard fans.  they're what make sports great.
they're FED by their sport, live, breathe, eat their sport.  and i think that's beautiful.  even if i don't particularly enjoy the sport.  i get it.  we all have our thing that feeds us.  his, is baseball.
and i don't care how many times i've heard it, the national anthem ALWAYS makes me cry & fills me with this INTENSE sense of pride for where we are, the country we live in, the individuals who fight for & protect us.  and then looking over to see this. . .pure joy & pride in my son, who knew to take his hat off.  worth the 4 hours of total boredom.
on to sharing stuff. . .
2.  i say the F word at least 5X a day.  it's pretty bad.  but i just love it.  it's so vulgar & horrendous, unlady-like.  but nothing releases true rage & anger & gets my point across like that word.  i say it mostly under my breath, out of frustration.  but the kids have heard it enough (on accident,) to not be impressed with it (or repeat it, which is a good thing.)
3.  i've been working diligently (but slowly,) in detoxing & transforming our home & food to organic.  ever since brian's whole cancer nonsense.  i've read, studied, researched, picked brains on all the toxic crap in our lives & in our food, that can increase our risk, not just for cancer, but other physical issues.  and i feel good about it & embrace it.  but it's hard work & i still have a lot to learn.
4.  i'm mesmerized & in total awe of yoga instructors (um, and navy seals.)  have you ever met a yoga instructor?  they're other-worldly.  they have this magical aura around them.  their skin glows.  their bodies are perfection.  their minds seem truly peaceful.  i'm SO intrigued by them & want to be one.  i could really give 2 sh**s about the perfect body thing.  i'm SO far from that . .but the radiant skin & altered state that their conscience seems to be in?  i want it.
5.  i eat chocolate every day.  it's a part of my routine, like brushing my hair.
6.  i'm a snob of many things, but PARTICULARLY hugs & handshakes.  there is NOTHING i hate more than a crappy, weak hug or a limp-wristed handshake.  i think that speaks volumes about a person.  i'm very judgemental of that & i shouldn't be.  i know some people just aren't comfortable with physical touch, but to me, it's everything & i crave it, so i have a mental list of the best.huggers.ever in my head, who i know can uplift anybody with a big squeeze.
7.  music is almost as important to me as photography.  i have a radio in almost every room of our house.  the kids fall asleep & wake up to music (mostly classical, or, for jack, AM 1500, the sports station.)  but i'm OBSESSED with music.  all music.  i'm currently in to country (i have no idea why.)  but i love folk, to opera, to metallica to brother ali.  my music is as moody as i am.  so, i'm all over the chart, but ALWAYS have music playing.  if there were more hours in the day, i'd want to become a musician, a singer & play guitar.  and i'd probably sink folk or country.  and then back-up dance for justin timberlake, on the side.

that's all i can think of to share for now.
OH!  but i will share this!
get the kids to bed, get his downloaded.
if you're getting married, are married or just love wedding stuff, you MUST watch this amazing little 12-minute film.  beautiful.

just scroll down a bit to get to the clip.  may take a sec to download.  but worth the wait.
i've watched it 5 times this weekend already.

happy sunday night.

but i'll be sharing my new website soon, so stay tuned.


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