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Sunday, September 19, 2010

"I know a mommy who often wears a shirt that is miscolored from over-washing, misshapen from being tugged in different ways.  By the time I see it at the end of the day, it has one spot that was used for wiping a 2-year-old's runny nose, a different spot that dabbed the blood from a 5-year-old's knee after he tried to turn his bike on gravel, one sleeve that cleaned the ketchup off a 7-year-old's smile before his play date, and the other shoulder carries a day's worth of drool in the place a chubby 7-month-old naps.  When she finally sees me, she even offers to change but I'd prefer she didn't because it's the often the only way I can hug my whole family at once.  Then she asks me about my day...She's not the cleanest, but she's the best mommy ever."

well, that was just ridiculous.  (ridiculous is my word, like most high school kids i know, for 'wow.  that's sick.'  or 'awesome.' or 'brought me to tears, it was so lovely.'
this BEST.MOMMY.EVER writing, was submitted by a loving husband.
and i know this mom.
well, I know most of the moms submitted.  but I know this one well.
and BECAUSE i know her, i'm going to talk about her.
i plan to blog about each mom that wins the BEST.MOMMY.EVER award each month, or at least post the works that was submitted in her honor.
but again, because i know THIS month's first winner, i'd like to share a little of what i know, makes her the BEST.MOMMY.EVER, in COMPLETE agreeance with her adoring husband.
the summer of '08 was kind of a blur.
i honestly don't remember much.  i can hardly remember last week.
but i DO remember my first meeting with this amazing woman,
who would quickly become one of my dearest friends.
a long day, husband working late, ornary children, trying to clean up the yard, with ZERO patience left & my GOD it was one of those days where i was just so disheveled that i walked around the yard with my head down,
not wanting to make eye contact or form any new connections, as i was feeling totally insecure & self-conscious, mostly due to the unbrushed hair & plaque-covered, unbrushed teeth.
(and it was 5:30pm.  wow.  this post sounds familiar.)
anyway, i was literally hiding in the garage, literally counting down the minutes until everyone would be in bed, myself included,
when the house would be peacefully quiet and still after a day of chaos.
but as i clamored around inside my head AND the garage,
i noticed under some trees, on an old rock wall off to the side of our yard, sat, who would soon be a kindred spirit.  trying to huddle babies from the rain that was coming, while one of her son's finished up a t-ball game across the street at the park, i think i said,
'oh my gosh!  what are you doing?!  come sit in the garage so you don't get wet!'
oddly, putting all of my insecurities aside.
i felt creepy, being that i was a total mess physically and emotionally, but they were getting wet and our garage was a safe haven from the rain and gosh, it's just SO nice to have another mom to talk to at the end of a long day, even if we hardly knew each other.
i think she was hesitant to come sit & chat in the garage (and why wouldn't she be?  i mean, look at me!:)
but she did anyway, and i remember the two of us sharing totally random but personal information with each other, that afterwards, i thought, 'well pretty sure i scared THAT one away.  what was i babbling to her about, anyway?!  not a good first impression to make, liz!:)
but the connection had been made.
we knew each other existed, only a few blocks away.
winter came and went.
and when spring came around, so did our friendship.
long story short,
this first BEST.MOMMY.EVER nominee, a dear friend and neighbor, marny,
well, she's a blessing.
not just to her husband and her beautiful children,
but to me, as a friend.  a fellow mom.  a mom who inspires me DAILY with all she does with and FOR her children.
have you ever met someone, that you INSTANTLY hit it off with?
you just GET each other.
you feel like you've always known each other.
you just fit into each others' lives so pefectly, like you'd always been there.
although you only just met.
it is a bizarre thing, but cosmic, i believe.
you wish you'd known each other longer but you don't worry about that.
you make up for the years you didn't know each other and waste no time catching up on each others' history.
she is truly one of the most selfless women i know and someone we could all, as mothers, learn so much from.
she rules with an iron fist (as do i,) but receives the utmost love, respect and devotion from her children (even if she doesn't always see it or get it from them.)
she's tough, strict, protective, but will melt and much like me, weep, at the precious smile of one of her babes, the bat of an eyelash and she's mush.:)
on the outside looking in,
i see her as one of those 'dream' moms.
the ones you know exist, but don't know many of personally.
who bakes, cleans, shops, carpools. . .does all the daily duties without much complaint,
but will drop it all to paint pink toenails, snuggle with her baby, take her boys to a last minute fishing contest. . .she's TRULY amazing and i have so much to learn from her.
i'll just say, she makes me want to try harder with my own children.
to throw the 'not-so-important' by the wayside and just BE with them.
and for this, she TRULY deserves this BEST.MOMMY.EVER award.
i told her it's like CHRISTMAS morning when i see her coming around the corner with her boatload of kids.  i feel saved on those days. . .it's like having another sister next door and even if you go a few days without talking, just KNOWING she's there if you need her, is all the comfort a going-crazy-stay-at-home-mom could ask for.
marny, you ARE the best.  an AMAZING MOTHER and WIFE.  but to me, more importantly, an amazing friend.

(to all other participants. . .all of your submissions had me in tears.  stay tuned!  i can't wait to choose the next winner!  remember, i am doing a lotto drawing with these.  as much as i'd love to pick my personal fave stories to win, well, i just don't think that would be fair.  so i'm randomly drawing all submissions.  there'll be another drawing october 15th!  if you haven't written in, please do so!!!  just send your nominee for the BEST.MOMMY.EVER free mini session contest to

good luck!



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