windy city wedding.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pics to show today. . .not a whole lot of writing.
soaking up the summer sun with kids.
but enjoy these recent wedding pics i took in chicago.
one of those most beautiful brides, a stunning venue.
the pictures don't do either, justice.
enjoy, nonetheless.:)
the shoes, the dress, the adorable fiance. . .

yeah, i changed my mind.
i am going to chat for a second.
i love homes.
other people's homes.
they speak VOLUMES.  every nook & cranny.
the memories, the joys, the sorrows, the babies, the funerals, the weddings.
where brides begin as little girls, dreaming about their wedding day,
when they get to dress 'like a princess' & marry their prince charming.
all the glasses of wine poured, the late night spoonfuls of cold medecine,
the sunday afternoon football games,
oh, it's so lovely.
which is why homes are my favorite place to shoot, whether for the 'pre-wedding prep,' 
or of families just hanging out.
home truly IS where the heart is.
your coziness, your peace, your safe haven, all beautifully contained
within the walls.
it's your life, your past, present & future.
and this chicago suburb home, could not have been more beautifully set up,
to take lovely photos of this bride.
it was very 'father-of-the-bride-movie-esque.'  (one of my favorite movies.)
just a lovely home, a loving & welcoming family within.
grandpa & grandson, even doing a pre-wedding joust on the front lawn,
before the ceremony.
this is when i just want to sit on the front stoop, with a cup of coffee, & take it in. 
chat.  gossip.
hear ALL about their life, their story, where they started, how far they've come, what they've learned along the way. . .
but i can't, because i'm working.  :)
so i do my best to capture the moments, the people, the mood, 
and let THEM tell the story.
and of course,
what is a chicago wedding,
without making a few stops along the way?
nothing short of fabulous.
if only we didn't have a wedding to get to!
we could've captured one of the greatest city's on the planet,
it its entirety!
instead, we caught the people within.
who were JUST as amazing.


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