Friday, August 27, 2010

well, before i start blibber blabbering about. . .myself,
i want to share these photos i love,
of a recent senior shoot.
oh, you know me.
(or you should by now, anway,:)
i don't like traditional.  i don't like smiles all the time.
i like unique.
dark.  moody.
which is kind of hilarious, because if you were to come to my home, 
i think my personal STYLE, couldn't be more opposite.
but with photography, i find these so much more captivating.
i do love smiles & frolicking in the grass from time to time, 
but only when the moment warrants it.
would hate to come up against this girl on the ice.
(an OUTSTANDING hockey player in hudson, WI, from what i've been told,)
but don't be fooled.
under the toughness, is a heart of gold.
eyes that sparkle & lashes that should be sold in stores.
K was a GEM to work with.
again, the sparkling eyes & a smile to light a room,
a photographers' dream.
and what was a senior shoot,
also became a little family shoot,
which i just LOVED.
i LOVE to see siblings interact.  it's amazing & hilarious,
especially with older kids.
to hear stories from mom about how they were as little ones,
and now to photograph what they're becoming.
so cool.
brother was not too happy about having to hold hands with his sisters.
but we all got a good laugh out of it.
and this horse, wanted in on these pictures like a washed up celeb goes looking for the paparazzi.  like his future depended on it.
and he tried his darndest.
even if it meant butting his big, horse head in amongst the actual subjects.
again, quite hysterical.
again, i love siblings.
especially these 3, who were such a lovable bunch.
and we even got mom in on some, which i was thrilled with.
nothing like seeing mom with her baby girls.
(i'll blibber blabber in the next post.)
enjoy the weekend!


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