happy baby.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what a sweet babe, huh?
LOVE photographing this age.
so smiley, chubby & happy.
there's a yoga pose called 'happy baby.'
and although a very weird, physically awkward pose for a grown woman with NO flexibility &
um, and gas,
well, a REAL pose or position, that i've seen babies do, my own included!
(this isn't it,)
but when they're on their backs, they grab their toes (because they can,)
with their little, chubby, meat fingers 
& just lay like that, laughing at the ceiling!
ah, to be baby.
and mom & dad were JUST as beautiful as the babes.
and i LOVED the pigtails on this little peanut.

why can't WE (moms) wear pigtails like this anymore?
because it would be 'inappropriate,' i know.
not so cute on a worn out, tread-on-the-tires 30-something-year-old.
 so we'll continue to snap pics of our little ones,
being SO much cuter than we are, or ever were.
(and i did NOT ask these lovelies to NOT smile:)
although my photography is sometimes moody & melancholy, like myself,
i usually try very hard to get genuine smiles from the kids i photograph.
but toddlers (and you know, if you have some,) 
can be pretty serious, inquisitive, curious.
and it's easy to get moments like this, 
which really are so sweet, despite the lack of smiles.
don't they look like they know something?
know so much more than we do?
i think they do.
and my kids teach me DAILY how much more they know than me.
how much better they are than me 
and it's wonderful.


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