Sunday, July 18, 2010

is what summer's all about.
taking that leap, no matter how much your legs are shaking beneath you.
because you KNOW the jump is going to be worth it.
this is the most LOVELY time of year here in MN,
(well, fall is pretty sweet here too,)
but the time of year worth waiting for.
the time of year we KNOW is just months underneath all that snow.
and when it's here, you soak it up,
because you live here & you know how wonderful it is.
despite the sometimes mugginess & mosquitoes,
well, you can deal with that better than the negative degree temps, snowbanks a mile high & morning trips to the car to get it warmed before you have to leave for the day.
so you soak it up.
all the while, growing, changing, cherishing every sunny day, every rainstorm, every yard of fresh cut grass.
like when you were a kid.
where summer's seemed endless & were MAGICAL.
this is when kids grow the most, i think.
more so than in the routine of school days.
where kids explore without a schedule.
discover.  dare.  play their hardest.  sleep their best.
this is where, if you're a parent & spoiled to be at home, like i am,
you can watch your babies transform before your eyes.
you know, the ones you ask daily, 'didn't-i-just-give-birth-to-you-yesterday?!'
and now look at you!  
practicing dives off the diving board!  fearlessly!
something you couldn't do 2 weeks ago!
this is the time where kids SHOULD have more leniency!
and from which, they gain more confidence, more freedom, more knowledge, 
but REAL knowledge.  priceless memory-knowledge.
math, science, geography.
the math of how many popsicles mommy let them have today!
the science of how many gallons of water comes out of the hose, to fill the pool before we get to swim!
the geography, the distance of how far it is to grandma & grandpa's, where we can drive the riding lawn mower on grandpa's lap!
the time where the 'structured' becomes 'unstructured.'  and it's ok.
where laziness happily takes on a whole new meaning!
brushing teeth after a day filled with juice boxes, freezies, bomb pops, my gosh, whatever else you can cram into your little tummies,
well, brushing teeth becomes an option.
but only because it's summer.
it's perfectly o.k. to put your swim trunks on before you've rubbed your eyes awake.
it's just fine, 
because it's summer,
to take your nap on the porch swing,
or heck!  to skip naps all together!'s.summer.
and you're just having WAY too much fun.
and as a crazy-routine-following-no-nonsense mommy,
oh, i SO want to give them this time,'s.summer
and i know, before we know it, it will be september,
and we'll be back to early mornings,
rushed breakfasts,
backpack-packing, lunchbox filling, shoe-tying craziness.
so how about 3 months of no rules.
(i'm trying. . .it's super hard for me.  :)
but OH so much fun.
so much more laughter.
and yes, TOTAL delirious-ness by 5pm (due to the lack of naps or healthy food,)
but WHAT.A.DAY we had.
and the evenings are filled with twins' games.
the sounds of home runs & bottom-of-the-innings excitement pouring out of the tube,
as grills fire up, 
steaks & burgers are thrown down,
beer cooling. . .
t-ball games.
although the season has ended,
we'll have our memories through our photographs, 
with dreams of next season already on the brain.
in the meantime,
we smoothly settle in to july,
FINALLY finding our summer pace, 
which is LEISURELY.
filled with dilly bars, late night rain storms, county fairs & corn on the cob.
try it one day.
sleep in late.  read a book instead of your morning workout.  eat what you want.  stay outside ALL day.  even for lunch.  live in your swimsuit.  grill your dinner.  don't brush your teeth.
yes, all the things that you know you SHOULDN'T be doing.
but tell yourself, you SHOULD.  just for one day.  break the rules.


Jenny said...

I love it, Liz! I'm just like you: I function better under routine. But for summer I throw out all the rules. I think that's why God put me in Minnesota. He knew I could only handle the chaos for three months.

Madeline said...

Testing comments!

Madeline said...

Second test.

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