Thursday, July 22, 2010

this post is full of links, just to let you know.
don't be lazy & check them out.
you never know what you'll discover.
or at least bookmark them, until you can take a look.
moving on.  :)
this BEAUTIFUL & welcoming little patio front,
in chicago's gold coast neighborhood,
screams summer, amazing mojitos, girlfriends & laughter so hard your stomach hurts.
and that's what we enjoyed.
all in the intimate setting of this old carriage house, turned fancy schmancy 'southern-style' cuisine venue.
for a recent chicago wedding a dear friend & i shot (pics to come soon,)
we got to escape & relax for dinner with my dearest h.s. friends,
at this FABULOUS restaurant.
art smith's.
and of course, if you love oprah, you know who this man is.
her former chef.
not sure of the story behind him, but i know he left oprah & started this restaurant.
or, maybe it was the other way around?
best mojitoes i've ever had.
(and i don't like mojitoes.)
and fried okra, fried green tomatoes, collard greens. . .and those were just the apps!
my mouth is watering.
and i won't annoy you with our meal selections.
but a MUST GO TO next time you're in chicago!
and although it's 'art smith's' restaurant,
what are the odds you'd ACTUALLY see him while dining?
we did!
the sweetest man, coming in to work.
and 100lbs lighter!
he was sharing that story with us. . .his recent extreme weight loss.
anyway, SO cool.
and those are my girls.  some of my dearest.
(and i could use some lipstick & a nap.)
speaking of chicago,
another fabulous individual i want to share with you.
russ white, my sisters' fiance, a dweller of chicago.  (is that a word?  dweller?)
pottery barn (although, one of my favorite places on the planet, 
next to my bed, ely, mn & the inside of the fridge,)
well, pottery barn can suck it.
their 'wall decor' has NOTHING on this man.
if you're looking for unique, amazing art for your walls, 
you MUST check this out.
i shouldn't even say unique & amazing.
that's seems demeaning to the talent & passion behind his work.
the FEAR NO ART blogger did a little post on russ that was MUCH more beautifully & honestly put.
scroll down a bit to the 'art & artists by john coyle steinbrunner' & take a read on his take on russ white.
(soon to be married to my sister, suz, AND officially, a part of the crazy sorenson family.)
unlike pottery barn's similar piece(s), 
these are made with creativity, passion, heart, talent, experience.
not made in thailand by an over-worked, underpaid individual.
(sorry pottery barn employees, but that's where most of your stuff comes from, correct?)
and yes, i buy it, because it's lovely.
but not as lovely as this.
and one funny story for the day.
jack lost his 3rd tooth.  
pretty exciting.
i cried after the first one.
now each tooth is more money the tooth fairy has to dish out.:)
but the third one came out tuesday night.
per usual, there was excitement!
and the little tooth was placed in a plastic baggie 
& tucked under jack's pillow.
on my ever-loving list of to do's, i added one more thing.
be the toothfairy.
and so far, we've been performing flawlessly.
but this time, we (my husband,) forgot.
yes, my HUSBAND is actually the toothfairy.
can you picture it?
this man?  with wings?  a tu tu, dress shoes & black socks instead of shiny tights & slippers?
a cell phone & briefcase instead of a wand, toting all the most recent tooth-losses, scheduling his next home to fly to?
and the hairiest chest you've ever seen on any fairy?
but of course, more charisma & charm than the tooth fairy could EVER hold in her little body.
so, yes, here's our tooth fairy.
when i said 'we' i meant 'he.'
as that's become brian's job.
HOWEVER, in our house, somehow, i take, accept blame for MOST things.
even if it wasn't my job.
i should've reminded him!
so jack woke up tuesday.
no fairy.  he was in TEARS!
'oh jack!' 
(kicking myself in my head!  how could i forget?!)
'well, you know what buddy?  i bet a lot of kids lost their teeth last night, all over the world.
so she has probably had a lot of work to do.'  (this is where you picture brian flying all over the states, cell phone & briefcase in hand, tu tu, black socks & all.)
'but i'll bet she comes tonight.'
he was good with that answer.
thursday (this) morning, rolls around.
no tooth fairy.
'mom?  she didn't come again.'
doh!!!!  worst mother/toothfairy ever.
'oh buddy!  i bet she's still super busy. 
but you know what?  
when i was little?  she stopped by in the morning once!  when i was outside playing!!!
so let's just leave your tooth under there & you never know, she may show up today still!'
he bought it, but not without some questioning.
'so, how big is she then anyway?'
me:  'um, she's SUPER tiny. . .like tinkerbell.' 
(well, actually, she's 200+ lbs, stocky, muscular, has great legs like tree trunks & huge biceps.  oh, & a hairy chest.  but i'll share that with you when you're older.)
jack:  'so she's tiny.  how old is she?'
me:  'well, she's really old.  she'd been around forever.'
jack:  'well, i think she's dead.'
i laughed myself SILLY!
she's not dead.  she's just been preoccupied.  :)
but she DID show up later this morning, leaving FIVE dollars!  
that's almost minimum wage!
but the toothfairy felt SO bad.
and jack just about fell off his bed when he saw a FIVE DOLLAR BILL.
and time to hire an assistant for the tooth fairy.
and an accountant.

i'm a little behind on some things.
as always.
well, wait, actually, i'm UBER organized.
NEVER, EVER a procrastinator.
i can't function like that.  
i have to feel & be prepared.
but i'm in total of awe of those who don't.
but i have to feel in control.
shocking, i know.
and for me, control means


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