Friday, July 9, 2010

i recently had the GREAT pleasure,
of photographing one of my cousins' wedding.
and i ADORE his beautiful bride.
here are some of those pics.
AND, (if you go back a few posts previous,)
this was a trip made even MORE special,
as they got married at the amazing, saint john's abbey,
in collegeville, MN, where my husband & i ALSO,
both attended college.
the architecture is unreal.
but this lovely bride & groom are what made the day.
my super handsome cousin (former SJU basketballer,) & his stunning bride. . .
DESPITE the CONSTANT drizzle of cool rain on their big day,
well, you never would've known.
we found cozy nooks & crannies on the beautiful campus of saint john's university,
and neither one of them was phased one bit by the weather.
they TRULY made the most of it
and made my job easy.
God bless 'em.
every time i ATTEND a wedding or shoot one,
i always think, oh man, i'm so glad that's not me.  :)
i was a nervous wreck on our wedding day.
i know, shocking.  :)
not at ALL because i was terrified about GETTING married or marrying brian,
i was just TERRIFIED of passing out on the altar, fainting before i could get there. . .crazy stuff.
it was an amazing day, but full of nerves.  
but these two lovebirds. . .just cool as cucumbers.
so in love & SO excited for their special day to finally be there.
and RIGHT as the mass was concluding, 
the priest proclaiming, 'I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND & WIFE. . .'
the sun broke through the clouds,
the rains stopped.
a miracle.
oh, of course,
then there were these two.
two pretty adorable accessories to the wedding.
one of whom REFUSED to walk down the aisle.  
can you guess which one???  
but they had a blast, and we did too.
and i got to watch this, which made the evening.
to see brian, dancing with his baby girl,
on the very floor he sauntered across as a college freshman a short 10 years ago.
(these are just a few of my fave's.  there'll be more on my website soon!)


gabbygrace said...

I know he is your cousin, but geez, what a hottie! :)

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