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Saturday, July 31, 2010

no pics on this day.
oh, i have a million i could share,
but am just going to write tonight.
first things first,
for those curious & caring :)
brian's latest PET scan & blood tests (thursday,)
showed no sign of cancer.
i didn't breathe all day.
UGH that is the worst feeling. . .waiting, anticipating, worrying, fretting the worst, praying for the best.  but the call was glorious.  and i breathed.
and we drank & ate great food to celebrate.
we're realistic. 
we know we're not out of the clear yet.
but we're SO thankful.  SO, SO thankful.
we can turn our minds off of this for a few more months, until the next test.
what else.
gracie's hair is growing back quickly.
that's fab.
a big & FUN event is coming up next week that i'd like to make mention of!
my sister suzie, of the amazing bees'netta bags,
is showcasing her fab work in the uptown art fair,
FRIDAY AUGUST 6-8TH in one of my favorite places on earth,
the lovely uptown area of minneapolis.
get a sitter or bring the kids, but come meet suzie & her adorably sweet assistant,
and check out her latest works.
not sure where her 'get-up' will be set up, 
but will let ya'll know as soon as i find out.
only so many fab artist get selected to display their works here.
and aside from the great art & hot, young artists, 
there's music, food, alcohol.  
mmmm. . .summer in minneapolis.
so if you're around, PLEASE come out for a visit & check out suzies' bags!
also, i haven't given long over-due props, to the talented madeline miller
who constructed this beau blog for me!
if you need help with blog set up, 
she's your gal.
AND last but not least,
wanted to make mention of a HILARIOUS & SO TRUE term 
my husband came up with this weeked.
(actually, he doesn't think he invented it, but i'd like to think so.  i've never heard it used before.
tell me if you have.
yeah, that's right.  
like FOREPLAY.  
which is great & all.  
but typically non-existent when you have small children around & their cartoon only lasts 20 minutes & your energy is totally sapped each day by 2pm & your running on reserves for the rest of the night.
but to make up for that,
there's CHOREPLAY!!!
this is an (obviously,) non-sexual act or TASK, performed by your hubby.
this can include unloading the dishwasher AND loading it with the dirties (a HUGELY despised job in our house,)
switching the laundry,
bathing the children,
geez, maybe even reading them a story AND putting them all to bed!  HEAVEN!
could even be, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, sweeping the floor, putting the leftovers away. . .
anything that gives you (mommy) more time to put your feet up & relax, which in TURN,
saves some of your dwindling reserves of energy at the end of a long day,
for potential 'intimate time' that isn't rushed or 'all business.'
it works.


EnJ Gipson said...

love your blog! God is Good! This song I heard twice 2day... and now three times a charm, I have to post it, cause I'm feeling it! Nice to see you... I'm just say'n : )

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