kids are HI-larious!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my kids, especially.
instead of writing my usual nonsense, 
i'm going to share a few 'grace-isms' from the past week.
she's changing.  
she seems to have gone from 2 to 16 in a matter of weeks.  but MAGICALLY, her sassy McSasserson pants seemed to not fit anymore, which is LOVELY.
she's becoming quite the little helper around the house, going to her room for 'rest time' even though she (& i) know darn well she's not going to sleep, helping me with charlie. . .i have no idea what's going on, know it won't last, but am soaking it up.
and the things she says are FAR beyond what any 3 1/2 year-old should understand & or even know to think about.  and hilarious.
at lunch the other day. . .
 gracie was 'casually' leaning against the dishwasher, nibbling on her PB & J.
'gracie?  what are you doing?!  you're supposed to be eating lunch at the kitchen table!  go sit down!!!'
'um, i'm eating wike a mom.'
'oh?  how's that?' i said.
'standing up.'


i made some comment about tuna being crazy.  why can't he just sit in his high chair (or something like that.)
'YOU CAN SAY DAT AGAIN, GIRL!' gracie yells to me.

(if you haven't caught on yet, she can't quite pronounce her 'th' sound, L's & working on the w's.  my children have been cursed with my pre-adolescence lisp.)

brian & grace were sitting at the kitchen table, jack was outside & i was putting charlie to bed.
grace, again, having been really sweet, turned on the charm, fluttered her eyelashes at daddy & says, 'i haven't had a tweet yet, daddy.'
'oh.  well, it's almost bedtime, but if you keep it a secret from jack, you can have a little bit of this leftover chocolate.'
(which of course, we don't like to dole out before bedtime.)
but he did, because she's adorable.
and was reminded again, to just keep this to herself & not tell jack.
jack came in & they all moved to the living room to watch the rest of the twins game before bedtime.
gracie just sat their quietly.  jack was enthralled with the game.
but brian said you could tell gracie was scheming something.
out of nowhere, she quietly tells jack,
'um, jack?  just in case you smell chocowate, it's because i just had some.'
way to rub it in.  and keep a secret.
you had to be there.



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