a good day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this was one of those days.
where being a stay-at-home mom (again, i believe now, is a luxury,)
is RIDICULOUSLY magical.
rare, but magical.
where the weather is perfect.
muggy, but breezy.  just how i like it.
that's a humid, minnesota summer day for you.
everyone, ALL THREE CHILDREN have been EERILY well-behaved.
the kind of good, where a mother, like me, looks up to the sky & says,
'ok.  this is too much.  who's breaking their arm today?'
or something awful like that.
but they're amazing.
listening, helpful, entertain themselves without the t.v.
they've even all slept in past 7:00 am!!!
everyone naps beautifully (including mommy,)
wakes up HAPPY!!!
and there are still hours of daylight left, to partake in these AWESOME yard-water activities.
tuna even gave it a go.  hilarious.
and i got this money action shot of jackson attempting a canon ball.
and gracie performing her made-up 'twisty dive.'
and the house has become a complete disaster, but it doesn't matter.
because we've been having so much fun with each other.
enjoying REAL minnesota summer weather.
the muggy sun.
tacos for dinner.
and i don't even get mad when charlie chucks his bowl of corn all over the floor.
(like he does EVERY day at EVERY MEAL.)
i don't care.
it will all get cleaned up eventually.
even if not until tomorrow.  :)
i will reiterate. . .days like this are rare in my house on a random weekday.
i rule our home with an iron fist.
all business.  schedules.  routine.  naps, whether you like or not. 
and i wonder why it has to be such a tight ship?
why can't life at home with toddlers be this way everyday?
what am i missing?
i have to admit i DO have to feel some sort of control over chaos.
(currently in the home, rangling whiny children.)
that's my issue.  i could let go of LOTS of things.
but i think i know why we DON'T have more of these days.

it's a crazy, tense mommy.
a non-smiling, always anxious, all business, stressed out mommy.
BUT, the more fun mommy is having,
the more relaxed & calm mommy is,
the more patient, loving & kind mommy is,
the happier we all are.
when i take stock of these magical days
i ask myself, 'ok.  why was today so much better than that past 30?'
were we just having a 'good day?'
but i always come back to myself.
what did i do wrong?  what did i NOT do?  what could i do better?
play with my children more.
say 'yes' more.
read books more.
sit with them more.
it's those little things that show them they're loved & make THEM want to be better.
more appreciative & more respectful, 
which is what many of strive so much for anyway.
i'm learning you can get that.  
have those children without all the screaming & yelling & tension.
now, they are children after all.
spastic, irritable, tired, cranky, tantrum throwing jerks. . .no matter HOW nice you are to them.
and they need to hear 'NO' a lot.
but i'm seeing now, the error of my ways.
that they feed off of ME & their days seems to be set based on how i behave from the get-go.
so, i've been reading this blog of a wife/mother/photographer in FL who is just 
SO inspiring.
i was introduced to her blog by a dear, old friend.
and she's truly an inspiration & an AMAZING writer.
but she really puts the 'little joys' in life at the forefront of each day 
and seems to TRULY live in the moment.
something i struggle with daily & am working diligently to be able to do.
i draw so much positive energy from girlfriends, women, who are completely opposite of me.  who have all of the qualities i wish i had.
she's one of them.
i don't know her personally, but just love to read about her life & her story.
take a look.
and hope you're enjoying the days of summer.
where you've played so hard & have so much fun
that falling in to bed will be just as magical.
and you'll sleep like a baby.


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