Friday, May 21, 2010

that's tuna.  being SHOUTED from my other two.
when in doubt, i'll write about my kids.
because they're so full of hilarious-ness & sweetness.
charlie's nickname has become TUNA.
at first i thought, 'ugh!  there's got to be something better!'
but the name has stuck.
and it's become quite endearing.
it just rolls off the tounge. . .especially when you're yelling at him to 'stop climbing on the kitchen table!' 
(i actually don't really yell at him. . .he's my baby.  he's spoiled & gets away with a lot.'
it's more like, 'TUNA!  WHAT ARE YOU DOIN' BUDDY?!'
(and then he gets a kiss because he's so damn cute.)
but it's hilarious, because he's become tuna, wherever he goes.
the neighbor kids call him tuna, grandma & grandpa call him tuna, our kids' preschool teachers know him as tuna instead of charlie. . .
what are the chances of this name not following him into adulthood???
but our little tuna is not just the apple of OUR eyes, but of his big sisters'.
she may be able to wear this face as well as mommy,
and i don't give her much credit. . .lately.
but i should.
despite the sass,
she has a heart of gold & ADORES her baby brother.
and wears an angelic face just as easily.
see what i'm working with here?
she's good at what she does.
but just as good at loving her baby brother & having his back.
although her little voice screams "TTTTUUUUUUNNNNNNAAAAA!  STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF!!!!!!"  daily, she can't resist his sweetness.  and he loves her just as much.
she's a little mommy, through & through. 
always making sure he's comfortable, entertaining him when he's upset, bringing him his blankie, as she knows that always calms him.
if only i could get her to change his diaper.
we'd be in business.
but she's really SO loving & nurturing, naturally.  she always looking out for him.
and how could she not?!  
just look at him!
which is why he gets away with so much (not just because he's my baby.)
he too, although the aggressiveness of a wildebeest, like his sister, couples it with a loving, snuggly, warm & charming way about him.
dangerous combo.
(p.s. this post, like many previous, was simply to brag about my children.  oh!  and they're really not this pasty white.  just got lazy with my editing.)
thanks for reading.


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