you are my sunshine.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a stay at home mom, i have been made to understand, is a LUXURY.
i never used to think so.  
i was wrong. 
i don't have to go in to work 
& THEN come home & be a mom & fulfill all the duties that come with running a household.
i wake up & i'm at work.
my home is my office, as i always tell my husband.
(so, 'pick up your underwear!  pick up your wet towels!  pick up the majority of your lunch you just tossed off your high chair!
i wouldn't come in to your office & throw my food on your desk & leave my undies on your chair!')
being at home has made me a crazy woman, no doubt (hence the 'bitch bubbly' at 3pm.)
but i think i was on my way anyway.
at what job can you drink 'bitch bubbly' at 3 in the afternoon, anyway?  while supervising small children?
at what job can you say, 'ah, to hell with it!  here's another show!  mommy can't see straight.  i'm going to take a nap!'
at what job can you say 'screw you, tasks i need to complete today!' (i.e. laundry, cleaning, cutting fingernails, organizing something. . .always, figuring out dinner, which i never really seem to figure out these days. . .)
but say 'NOT TODAY!  we're going to the zoo!  or, 'we're going out to lunch & to the park!'
this job.
i rarely do it without complaint, frustration or whining about how hard it is (in my head,) but i DO know that it's a luxury.  
and I DO feel so blessed that for my husband who works UNBELIEVABLY hard (no, really. . .UNBELIEVABLY hard,) so that i can stay at home & raise our children.
speaking of my husband, 
do you remember in Goodwill Hunting (greatest movie ever,) when ben affleck says to his best friend, matt damon, 'you know what the best part of my day is?  for about 10 seconds, from when i pull up to the curb & when i get to your door. . .'
well, if you haven't seen that movie, i don't know you.  go rent it now.
if you have, you know how the quote ends. . .totally doesn't pertain to this story at all.  :)
but sometimes it's fun to pretend you're in a movie & rattle of quotes as if they were really happening to you. . .yes, that's the 'crazy woman' coming out.
do you know what the best part of my day is?
when i see, from our kitchen window, where i'm usually hunkered down between 4-7pm, 
answering to every screaming demand, every please mommy & no thanks, mommy.  i don't like that. . .
where i subconsciously & physically pace around, watching for those headlights to turn the corner 2 blocks down.
on a dark night or rainy day (as shown above,)
you can see those headlights reflected off any cars parked in the street. . .
and i know you're almost home.
my heart flutters with excitement. . .always.  yes, because it's my love, coming home.
but because i'm about to be saved.  by my love.
the kids scream, 'SAAAWWEEETTT!  DADDY'S HOME!'
my lil' tuna starts to flail his arms & shake his head like he's having a seizure standing up. . .
sounds awful but quite adorable, because he can't talk yet so uses his whole body to show excitement.
and he screams, 'DDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!'
and mommy tries not to skip & jump & keep her cool, but really wants to throw a standing up seizure as well.
my husband coming home at the end of a LONG day (for both of us,)
is like watching the jimmy dean breakfast bowl commercials. . .
you know, where the sweet, adorable man is dressed as a big sunshine?
(and these are hilarious, anyway.  i have this crazy love for people dressed as food/weird objects. . .makes me laugh so hard!  like when justin timberlake played an breast implant on SNL?  actually was funnier when he played an omelette. . .couldn't find that.  or when quizno's sends their employees out to busy intersections dressed as fountain pop?  where they dance & try to get you to come in?  just makes me CRAZY with laughter!)
that's what i see.
my husband in a big sunshine suit.
a ray of light, especially on a crummy day like this, 
dancing & singing up the sidewalk to our door, ready to save me, no matter how long HIS day was.
usually he's holding beer or wine.
today, he just happened to be holding 2 aluminum baseball bats.
which he snatched on the way in, from gracie, about to take out batting practice on her brother.
(i have this terrible fear, among many, that one of the kids will swing & take someone's head off.  so they're off limits unless an adult is around.)
anyway, back to my story.
this is my sunshine.  no matter how long the day, how exhausted i am, how angry, how annoyed, how sad, how scared. . .he's always there, a beaming, walking sunshine, to save me at the end of the day.


Jenny said...

Oh this is EVERY stay-at-home mom's best part of the day! For me it used to the be the sound of the garage door opening. But we moved. And have a detachted garage. So now it's the sound of the back door unlocking. Even Lucy squeels in delight.

Quiz: What's the dreamiest thing a husband can say to his stay-at-home wife?
Answer: "I think I'm going to work from home today."

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