Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i recently spent a morning at my daughters' preschool taking pics of the kids in action.
i truly had so much fun.
kids are hilarious. . .they are.  
and even better when there's no pressure to discipline them, feed them, keep them safe, etc. etc.  just watch them & be with them.
the things they say!  (i can't think of anything off hand that was said, but i spent much of my morning giggling under my breath.)
THESE beautiful children were a STITCH!
and not just what they said, but the ANTS IN THE PANTS of these kids!
watching the teacher trying to read a story to a group of squirrely, 3 & 4-year-olds, who were CLEARLY in another land, was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!
you just wonder what they're innocent little heads are filled with. . .what they're thinking about when they're staring at the ceiling as they're being poked in the ear by their little friend next to them, as the teacher's trying to read. . .
it made for some GREAT pics of their true, little selves, being as innocent & real as preschoolers can be. 
ah, to be a kid again. 
carefree & only worried about when nap time was coming & how you were going to get out of it.  (er. . .maybe that was just me.)  :)
if you're lucky enough to remember BACK to preschool yourself, such fond memories.
i was boy crazy.
yes, even at 4.  ridiculous.
boys. . .the cause of & solution to all my problems (up until i found the right one, when i married brian.)
but yes, even at 4.  i remember being OBSESSED with the 'play-clothes' bin in the 'house' section of preschool.  
EVERYDAY, i would get dressed up in this too-big-lacey & obnoxious gown that was a woman's size, so dragged on the floor behind me, but i thought i looked dang good,
and i would follow 'my boyfriend' around like a lost puppy (in a too-big-lacey & obnoxious gown.)
and EVERYDAY, i would ask this boy, cody (not going to reveal his last name because it's not important,) but i would ask him everyday if he would marry me.  
and everyday he said no.  hey.  the jerk store called.  they're all out of you.
and then ONE day, my preshool-best friend, asked him the same question.  
he looked at her & said, 'YES!'
i never put that damn, pink dress on again.  and remember thinking, 'i think he said yes because she has BLONDE hair & he must like that better than brown hair.'
to recognize that boys/men could possibly only like a certain 'type' or 'spec' of woman (as my husband says,) at such a young age?  to KNOW & understand that at such a young age?
genius, huh?
THANKFULLY, i moved on quickly, and THANKFULLY didn't see any of that nonsense going on at THIS preschool.
thank God.


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