Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it IS officially spring, after all.
i've learned to take great pleasure in the small things.
yes, of course, ESPECIALLY since my husband's little 'touch of the cancer' this past winter.
(if you're unfamiliar, we'll discuss it another day.  he's good now.  :)
but learned to take pleasure in the small things, from my children.  
they're so easily entertained & amused.
(well, except for rainy days, when i'm supposed to provide constant entertainment.)
but they are such simple creatures.
they're CONSTANTLY pointing out the smallest things, but with such great wonder & amazement.
(oh yeah, p.s. these few photos interspersed are of dear chicago friends i shot on a recent trip.  try not to fall in love with this little man.  i dare you.)
but things that, by us adults, have probably gone unnoticed for the past 20 years.  well, at least by me.
and, well, you know kids.  
the THOUSANDS of 'why's' they ask.  
the constant barrage of questions.  constant.
and i try SO hard not to get annoyed & not always say, 'i don't know.  i don't know why.  yeah, i still don't know why.'
and sometimes make up answers just to stop the questions!
terrible, right?
'why do women have long nails & boys don't?'
'why do your teeth have fillings in them?'
'why are you crying in the corner?'  (just kidding.)
and then there's the 'why can'ts.'
'why can't i eat my dessert before dinner?'
'why do we have to come in now?'
'why can't we watch another show?'
'why can't we stay up longer?'
and on & on & on.
but despite the daily annoyances, that i work hard DAILY to not be annoyed & PRAY nightly for more patience to answer,
my kids have taught me to appreciate the little things.
the little sights, sounds, scents that float by us daily & can easily go unseen.
this particular time of year, the AMAZING.SCENTS.OF.SPRING.
i've found myself, quite a bit lately, actually, just dropping what i'm doing & throwing whatever kid is nearby in the stroller & going for a walk.
so unlike me.
usually i can't leave or move on to the next 'task' until i've completed the one at hand.
but just walking around the block.
the amazing smells of the lilac trees, flowers blooming, fresh cut grass (MY FAVE!)
the smells are overwhelming.
that has made me think of the power of smells, in general.
do you have a million scents/smells in your life that remind you of 'something?'
i do.
i have this kind of plain-jane crabtree & evelyn lotion that everytime i open it (just to smell it,) reminds me of Yellowstone.  where my love proposed to me.  it was the small 'hotel' lotion from the cottage (that's right.  cottage.  my man does it right.)  but i LOVED the smell & saved the bottle.  whenever i need a hit of yellowstone, i sniff.
oh my gosh, is that huffing?  i'm a huffer!:)
2X4's, lumberyard's & sawdust, remind me of my dad & the countless trips he took us girls on to menard's to get stuff for his many projects, growing up.
certain men's cologne's. . .sometimes you'll get a good whiff from a guy passing by=exboyfriends.  :)
everytime i open our cupboard where we keep our coffee grounds. . .mmm=happiness & coziness.
one of my most bestest, favorite people once told me the smell of fabric softener reminds her of me.
'so every time you do your laundry you think of me?  nice.'  
clearly i need to use 4 less dryer sheets & wear more perfume.
so i stopped using 1 too many dryer sheets, but not before an appearance at a friends wedding, where one of our college buddies groped me innappropriately (per usual. . .it's what he does,) & said, 'MMMMMMMMMMMMM. . .you smell like fabric softener.'  and held me like i was his favorite teddy bear.
DAMN IT!  i DO smell like fabric softener.
diapers (yes, clean ones.)
THIS is one of my favorites.  i could sleep with a new diaper next to me on my pillow each night.  (of course i don't, because that would creep my husband out.)
but GOD, that smell. . .makes me think of my babies, having babies, their powder-fresh-soft skin.  like this baby.  ugh.  i want 10 more.  just for the powdery diapers.
our deck sits under the heat of the sun all day.
by late afternoon, the boards of the deck smell like the inside of a sauna.
sauna (and ACTUALLY & ACCURATELY pronounced, SOW-NA.  like COW-NA.  bet you didn't know that, right?  i've been educated on the topic from official, Finnish sauna owners in the beautiful & remote town of ely, mn, on the edge of the boundary waters.  these people know their SOW-NA's.  and my husband HATES that i call them that, because he thinks it's so lame.
but that smell. . .of heated wood, reminds me of our annual, summer vacations to one of my favorite places on earth, ely, mn.  where lakeside sauna's are a staple.  like grass on the ground.  they're just there & everyone has one.  and you use it daily to sweat out the toxins, clear your skin, wake up your mind when you race to the lake to plunge into the freezing water.
mmmm. . .all from hot deck boards.
but see?  almost every scent has a story to go with it.
a link to our past, our present.
of course, not all are good.  we won't talk about the nasty smells.
but the power of smell is remarkeable.
i always feel so much better after a good massage with just the right aroma's used.
they help clear your mind, relax your body, awaken your soul.
if only we could walk around with a spray of lavender hanging from our nose each day.
how peace-filled we'd be!
in the meantime, we have the outdoors in spring.
get outside & open your nose this week.
breathe 5 deep breaths in.  geez.  close your eyes even!  who cares who's watching!
it will calm you instantly & force you to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you.
peace out.



gabbygrace said...

You are such a cool friend, highly impressive writing girl! :) Love it!

Unknown said...

It is SOW-NA!!! Yay you! And now that I think about it, our apartment DID smell like dryer sheets. Mmmmm. Love you!

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