Sunday, April 11, 2010

feels like a year ago now.  
really, just a week.
it was good.  BEAUTIFUL minnesota weather. 
filled with too many jelly beans, peeps & cadbury eggs.
but fun.  and  SO fun with little tots.
i also had the pleasure to shoot pics with THE bunny him/her-self,
at our local (awesome,) grocer.

i'm not going so share how this day began.  but i was a frazzled mess.  (i mean, old-tired-mom-uncharacteristicly-unorganized-mess.)  oy.
i'll just say, i made it there, a half-hour late, mind you, but still had a blast (oh, & chopped the bunnies ears off in more shots than not. . .who does that???)  again, i was all out-of-sorts.  but made it through & made it work.


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