Wednesday, April 14, 2010

on more than one occasion, i've heard my adored, mother-in-law say, 
'oh!  sometimes wouldn't it be fun to have dessert BEFORE dinner?'
um, heck yes it would!
little does she know, there are many days, when dessert IS my dinner.
it's awesome.
(never for the kids. . .because i'm a brat like that.  and it's usually when i'm PMSing.)
but tonight?
we did.
i made my once (maybe twice. . .err. . .40X) a-year, from scratch, ina-garten-chocolate cake.
for my dad's birthday, that was last week.
and it was one of those days. . .did SO much.  SO productive.
but ready to crash come dinner time.  and then one of the doors on the mini-van broke.  won't close.  had to drive home from dance class with our mini-van door open.  another story for another day.
but then there's still dinner to be made.
but then there was that cake.
screw it.  we're having cake for dinner.
and it was lovely.
my oldest said, 'ah mommy?  we haven't had dinner yet.'
(and clearly thinking, oh, mommy has OFFICIALLY  lost it.)
'i know, son.  it's a special night.  a lazy night, actually.  enjoy it.'
and when i put a bowl of cake & ice cream in front of my baby, 17-mos.-old?  instead of the usual mac n' cheese, peas, blueberries. . .the usual boring?
i thought his head was going to spin off! 
he knows icecream & cake when he sees it.  he is my son, after all.
he clenched his little, chubby, wrist-less fists (he has wrists. . .they're just covered in fat.  gotta' love those chubby babies.)  which brings me to an interesting question.  if we call fat ankles, 'cankles,' what can we call fat wrists?  let me know if you think of something hilarious.
and i have to say, doing things 'out of the ordinary.'  out of our normal, structure, organized, anal, obsessive routine, is so beautiful & wonderful. . .freeing, harmonious.
makes me feel like i can still be a little fun.  (not too fun, just a little.:)
and makes me feel like i CAN be a cool mom to my kids, one that lets them eat cake for dinner, breaks the rules, does something 'naughty' without getting a time out for it.
AND doesn't feel guilty about it.
and all of this thinking. . .about 'breaking the rules' & doing things 'out-of-ordinary' but so real & priceless & joy-filled (because it catches everyone off guard & makes them feel special,) brought me to some wonderful thoughts for MY photography, for my clients. . .stay tuned.  big changes are being made.
starting with some cake for breakfast.


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