you suck (at taking vacations.)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

is that possible?
to suck?  at taking vacations?
yes.  yes it is.  because we do.  and here's why.
from much support & encouragement from our frequently-traveling-parent-friends, we thought, 'yeah!  we need a vacation!  dare we say, we DESERVE a vacation, after the long, cancer-infested winter we had?'
yes, that's what i said, cancer.
husband+testicular+cancer.  not fun.
but he made it through.
hence, the wanting to escape for a long weekend, sans children, to celebrate & just BE together.
without noise, chaos, runny noses, tantrums, whining, the usual.
so, again, from some encouragement from our friends, we made it work & stole a way for a long weekend to this beautiful place.
marco island, FL.  lovely.
lovely it was.
and we were like two school kids, bounding off the plane, completely untethered of kids, computers & ANY responsibilities for a few days.
i think there might have even been a 'FFFFRRRRRRRREEEEEEDDDDDDDOMMMMM' from braveheart too, as we jumped in our rental car & tore off for the island.
we couldn't get on this beautiful beach fast enough.
let me note here, that we haven't been on a vacation, a true ROMANTIC get-a-way, since our honeymoon.  
yes, we've escaped to the occasional wedding, over-nights, traveled individually.
but not like our honeymoon, where the sole purpose was US.  to focus on US, taking care of OURSELVES & EACH OTHER WITHOUT THE KIDS.
so, before we could even set our luggage down, we were in flip-flops & swimwear, ready to relax, sip cocktails & soak up as much sun as possible.
long story short now, in our excitement to relax, we neglected to monitor our sunscreen-putting-on techniques OR just how many hours we'd logged UNDER the sun.
MY own skin, is like shoe leather.  yes, this was the first time i'd been under this kind of magnificent sun since september, but i thought, 'eh!  i'll be fine.'
so didn't put ANY sunscreen on my legs.
we laid in the beautiful & breezy florida sun for FIVE hours.
30 minutes after returning to our room, figuring we should call it a day, we realized what we'd done.
me.  every last inch of both legs.
brian. all the places he missed with the lotion.
i cried. 
brian cursed.
so, back to my original question?  
is it really possible to SUCK at taking a vacation?
yes.  it is.
we sprinted out of the shoot not even CONSIDERING to pace ourselves.
and that's how runners lose.
we had one GREAT day on the beach. 
the rest of our weekend was spent from our hotel room.
not even kidding you.
so, we did a lot of this.
through tears (mine,) we managed to hobble out of our hotel room, linked arm & arm, two old cripples, to sit on the beach & watch the sun set.
the only part of us that DIDN'T get burned.
oh, & we saw this, which is ALWAYS magnificent & inspiring.
but we REALLY let ourselves down.
we should KNOW better!  
ALWAYS go tanning BEFORE you take a trip somewhere warm.
AND ALWAYS wear sunscreen!  that's a must these days!  no matter how tough your skin.
so our lovely vacay turned in to a little pitty party in our hotel room.
we know we'll look back & laugh at this. . .someday.
but CLEARLY we don't know what we're doing when it comes to traveling without our babies.  we just don't know how to conduct ourselves!
which means we just need to do it more, right?
practice makes perfect?
so, when is our next vacation???  


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