Monday, March 15, 2010

oh, thank God, you're finally here.
64 degrees in MN?  BEFORE EASTER?

i hope this isn't a tease.  
either way, it was magical.  

the kids (well, our 2 oldest,) were outside from 11-5!!!
love it.
screw lunch, screw naps.  
covered in mud, sweat, a few tears (from the lack of naps,) sticky faces from God knows what (goodies from our awesome neighbors, probably.

but magical.  play hard.  sleep hard.  and do it all over again tomorrow.
a little side note, the Easter Bunny will be visiting Oak Park Heights Kowalski's Market Saturday, March 27th, 11-2 pm.
i'll be snapping pics at this LOVELY facility as well as capturing candids of the easter egg hunt they'll be having!  fun!
also, new pics up on my website!  be sure to check 'em out!
happy spring! 
(oh!  and you should be able to leave comments now!  had that fixed!  say hi!)


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