Monday, March 29, 2010

i love my job for many reasons.  
but one of the BIGGEST perks, is that many of my clients are my friends.
i love that.
if our lives were different, we lived closer, our schedules weren't so crazy, they'd probably be some of our best friends.
you know, the kind of people (if they were your neighbor,) you KNOW you'd be over there every day, drinking beers, laughing, gossiping, crying, screaming at the kids. . .
i feel that way about most of my clients.
i love showing up at a clients house & spending just as much time chattin' it up, as i do taking pictures!
i almost enjoy that as much as i do the photography!

that's the kind of relationship i want to & try to have with my clients.  
i want them to be comfortable enough with me to tell me all about their life, complain, vent but laugh & sympathsize for all the things we go through & experience as parents.
and for my clients to be comfortable enough to JUST BE themselves in front of me.
that makes for such LOVELY, REAL & BEAUTIFUL shots.


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