photography as art.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i love photography. 
no news to anyone that knows me.
but photography as ART?  love that.
like, actual art, that you hang on your walls.
we don't have 'artwork' in our home.
my husband & i once joked that it'd be fun to 'buy' art for our home someday. 
good stuff.  beautiful work.  from amazing & inspiring artists.
but, let's be real.  that's not us.
instead of going to an art museum to 'look at' or critique art,
we'd rather park ourselves on a couch AT an art museum with a cup of coffee & make fun of people.
or just laugh with each other.
we're simple creatures. 
don't get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing artists out there producing legendary work,
but we're just not in to it.
photography is our decor.  it's our art.
MOST of the walls in our home, are adorned with framed photographs. . .REAL LIFE ART. 
moments.  people.  wrinkles.  vacations.  our babies.  our life.
this is & i believe, will always, be OUR artwork.  i love it.
but aside from all the 'lived' moments, i also love 'LIVE' images.
objects of nature & the simple beauty found in our homes,
from flowers in a vase to a tree in the backyard that we see everyday,
but seeing it from a different angle & through the eye of a lens.
SO, my thought is to do that here.
to capture images for you, to display as art in your home.
i love the saying that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'
a bowl of apples on the counter, to you, may be, well, just a bowl of apples. 
but to ME, it can be absolutely beautiful & make for the perfect print to hang in the kitchen!
so here, you can shop my gallery of artwork as i capture it.
abstract images of beautiful things in life.  or not so abstract.  just simple.
but maybe you'll be drawn to something in one,
inspired by something or just simply want a print to hang on that empty wall space in your bathroom.
happy shopping!

p.s.  you can order any size, from 4X6 to 20X24.  these are priced for matted, 5X7's, including shipping.  but if you REALLY want it framed, i can do that.  just email me for more details.


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