Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm a store owner.

well, just an 'ETSY' store owner, but cool, nonetheless.  check it out!

AND (am going to brag a little here,) my first week out, i managed to make it on the front page of ETSY in one of their treasuries?  not sure how that happened, but i guess it's a good thing, as it pulled me out of the abyss that is amazing ETSY sellers, to a more 'front & center' position. . .for an hour.
(ETSY, from what i understand, changes the treasuries they show on their home page, every hour, a compilation of ETSY's coolest, new stuff.  but getting on there, at ALL, is a big deal.  again, because there are SO, SO many talented sellers on ETSY.  and when you're CHOSEN, it gets you front of that many more peeps a lot faster!  yeah!)
so, again, browse my store.  you can also log on to ETSY, click on the drop-down menu, pull up 'sellers' & type in Foresthaus.  you don't have to be a member to shop or browse.  and like ebay or anything else, just have to set up an account to purchase anything.  if you've never been there before, you'll become addicted with all the amazing art, bags, clothing, you name it.  it's amazing.  and all handmade.
this is where i'll be selling fine art prints of random things i see along the way, that i think would make beautiful pieces to display in your home.
check out my listed items & policies so you know what you're getting & what you COULD get, depending on the space in your home, you'd like to fill!
and check in each week, as i'll be adding new images.

you'll see a lot of stuff like this.  
so, enjoy & happy shopping! 


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